Almost half of Brits don’t get relevant mobile marketing

Oxygen 8′s survey also finds that Brits are interested in mobile discount vouchers

targeted mobile marketing changes perceptions -grant

Integrated mobile solutions specialist Oxygen8 Group. has just commissioned research into what UK consumers felt about mobile marketing. The survey looked at what kinds of communications consumers currently receive on their mobile phone – including SMS messages, app notifications, email and automated voice messages. It found that nearly half (42 per cent) of consumers don’t feel the mobile marketing messages they receive from businesses are relevant or useful at all. Plus 44 per cent found less than a quarter of the messages they receive are of actual value. The study also looked at what kinds of communications consumers would like to receive on their mobile devices.

Other findings included the fact that nearly a quarter (22 per cent) would be more likely to buy from/spend money with a business in future if the company sent them a useful mobile communication.

It also discovered that 34 per cent of consumers would have a better view of a business or would feel a business understands their needs if they were sent mobile communications that were relevant to them

Significantly, more than half (54 per cent) were interested in receiving discount vouchers, while 46 per cent would like to find out when a product they are interested in is back in store.

“These results show that targeted mobile marketing can change perceptions and drive sales,” observed Maria Grant, head of product development at Oxygen8 Group.

Grant added, “A vast amount of customer data and the tools to analyse it are now available for businesses to create intelligent mobile marketing strategies.”

Read the full Press release here.

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