Amazon’s UK app store to give away £40 of apps for free on Xmas & Boxing days

We’re not sure but we think some very popular games are included

The UK’s Amazon Appstore is to celebrate Xmas by giving away two free app bundles worth nearly £40 on Xmas &  Boxing days. [December 25/26th 2013]. The promotion is part of the ‘Free app of the Day’ initiative, which is designed to encourage customers to download a paid app or game for free every day. All  the ‘Free apps of the Day’ and bundles have been specially selected. Mobile users who visit the Amazon Appstore  will find suitable apps for Android mobile phones and tablets (including the Kindle Fire range). Naturally.

The Kindle Essentials bundle (available to download for free on Xmas Day) includes a number of  must-have apps,  the online superstore claims.

The offerings include ‘Printershare Mobile Print -for wireless printing and Photo Studio Pro for photo editing.

The Greatest Hits bundle (available to download for free on Boxing Day) includes a selection of the top downloaded Free App of the Day.

The list includes apps such as  Business Calendar  - which lets you synchronise with your Google calendars and popular game  - Ultimate Hangman HD.

A full list of the free apps including in the two bundles is outlined below…

Kindle Essentials Bundle – 25th December [2013]

Greatest Hits Bundle – 26th December 2013

We did a quick calculation and you save about £24.30 on the Kindle bundle. On the Greatest Hits bundle, however, you save about £12.75.

How come that doesn’t add up to £40? Oh, well.

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