An inexpensive solution for smartphone panoramic shots

The Panoramic Pod works with any decent cameraphone

a panoramic from the derby day

Having mentioned the existence of the Panoramic Pod before here, we were delighted when I Want One of Those (IWOOT) offered to send us a sample for testing purposes. The device is plainly inexpensive (about $26 or £15.99) and we soon discovered why – it’s not very tall, standing at some five inches  (13 cm) high. But it very definitely works and here at GoMo Towers we were more than happy with the results. Despite IWOOT claiming that the Pod is “compatible with Apple and Android smartphones”, it’s nearly universal and would definitely work with one of Nokia’s mega cameraphones like the Lumia 1020,  for example.

You don’t really need a special app either to take your panoramic pics. Often panoramic is a feature of your built-in camera app.

Previously we mentioned, however, that there are specialist panoramic apps available on the Apple iTunes app store (such as 360) and Panorama: 360 by TeliportMe.

What we ended up using ourselves was a neat little app called Panorama for Android v1.5.1 from a developer called Wondershare.

This has built in sharing for Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. But it is obviously aimed at Chinese users as it has other sharing options we don’t recognise.

GoMo News took its panoramic pics at the Derby horse race which takes place in Epsom, UK using the supplied tripod. However, if you have your own tripod, it should be a standard fit.

Basically, the Panoramic Pod has a clockwork engine inside it. You wind the engine up.

Press start on your app and let the Pod go. It turns through 240 degrees not a full 360 degrees but that is ample.

When the Pod has stopped moving you basically tell your panoramic app to stop recording and save the image.

This device is so simple that a complete amateur can use it. The Pod appears to be sold worldwide by thumbsUp!

Look for you local agent on the thumbsUp! web site here.

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