Analysys Mason highlights importance of data in tariffs

Rating: We’ll spend 40 more minutes using our handset

The latest study from Analysys Mason – ‘ A day in the life: profiling consumer telecoms and media usage and value’ has highlighted the importance of data as an element in consumers’ mobile phone tariffs. The study found that by 2016, only about half of consumers’ usage of mobile handsets will be dedicated to voice or text-based communication. That’s down from two thirds in 2011. So instead of texting or speaking over their mobile phones, these consumers will be employing the handset’s data facilities instead. Written by Martin Scott and Tom Rebbeck, the full report costs €3,300 and can be purchased from here.The study looks at consumer behaviour across the telecoms, media and technology (TMT) sectors in Western markets.

As the number and combinations of services, devices and connectivity methods multiply, the study says, it becomes increasingly important to understand what users will be doing.

The crucial point is what does this change of behaviour mean for providers of services to mobile?

The report claims its research sends a warning to operators who have traditionally focused solely on network-centric strategies and not consumer engagement.

“Changes in how consumers use devices and networks will have a significant impact on operators’ pricing strategies,” says Martin Scott, principal analyst at Analysys Mason.

“Mobile bundles tend to focus on voice and SMS services, but the shift in usage patterns will make the data element of contracts more important,” he added.

One of the key findings in the report, the average number of minutes that an adult spends using TMT services per day will increase by almost 40 minutes in Western countries between 2011 and 2016.

This will provide a chance for operators and media players to generate additional revenue or reduce churn, by increasing engagement with their service, device or brand.

Tom Rebbeck, research director with Analysys Mason, says, “New devices (like tablet PCs) or new services (such as video streaming service Netflix) will be the key disruptions in a consumer’s use of TMT services – not new networks.”

He adds, “Operators should be wary of over-reliance on new networks to drive revenue growth.”

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