Android extremely dominant in smartphone sales

Rating: Nokia still hanging on in there says Canalys

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Mobile phone shipment tracker Canalys has just published figures for its estimates of shipments in 2012. Both the Android OS and Samsung (as a handset vendor) completely dominated in the phone market. Surprisingly however, Nokia still managed to cling on in third place. That’s because Canalys assembles these figures for the 50 plus countries that it tracks.
If you look at the market overall, Android smartphones clearly dominated with 34 per cent of all phone shipments.

Compare that with Apple’s iOS phones which took 11 per cent. The battle is very much about who is taking the lion’s share of smartphones

That’s because out of the total mobile phone market of 438.1 million units, smartphones now represent almost 50 per cent of all the phones which shipped in Q4 2012.

In the smartphone market, Android handsets accounted for 69 per cent of the 216.5 million shipped.

Pete Cunningham, Principal Analyst with Canalyst, commented, “”When we look at the whole of 2012, Nokia remained the number three smartphone vendor, shipping 35 million units, but Apple in second place shipped 101 million more handsets.

He continued, “First-placed Samsung shipped 74 million more than Apple – the gaps are colossal.”

Significantly, the Chinese vendors Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo and Yulong all grew by triple-digit percentages.

Android’s share did, however, dip sequentially from 74 per cent as Apple’s share grew from 15 per cent to 22 per cent on the strength of the iPhone 5.

The poorest performers were, of course, BlackBerry whole share remained unchanged at 4 per cent, followed by Windows Phone which managed a mere 2 per cent..

It will shock few to learn that Sony fell out of the top five this quarter whilst Lenovo moved in.

There was absolutely no mention of Motorola, of course. Huawei took third place for the first time in Q4 and ZTE fourth.

In the largest phone market in the world, China, smartphones dominated shipments, making up 73 per cent of the market compared to 40 per cent a year ago.

Volumes of smartphones in China grew 113 per cent to 64.7 million units, with Samsung taking the top spot followed by Lenovo and Yulong.

Apple is not making the market share impact in China as it is in other markets.”

“The lack of a device on the China Mobile network is a big drawback, combined with high price points.”

“Addressing these issues with the combination of a TD-SCDMA device and a cheaper model would open the flood-gates,” said Nicole Peng, China Research Director with Canalys.

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