Android out-numbers iPhone; iPhone out-apps Android

The latest snapshot of the mobile industry has been released by mobile ad network Milliennial Media – and while Android devices in general currently account for over 1 in every 5 phones, the iPhone alone takes up roughly the same market share.

What’s the story?

Millennial Media is one of the biggest ad networks in the world, and through it’s platform it collects a huge amount of data on what kind of phones are out there, and how they’re being used. Happily for us, those stats are released in regular Mobile Mix reports.

What are the big findings?

It really is an Android vs. iPhone world out there. Sure, Blackberry OS is still hanging in there, but it’s nowhere near the other two. Of the top 20 devices, 14 of them are Android. Only 3 are Blackberry.

While it’s true that Android, as an operating system, is now the most populous OS on the market, it still has a problem with iOS. And that problem is fragmentation. The iPhone is the number one device out there, representing over 19% of all phones that access ads through Milliennial. If you add up all of the Android devices, you get 22% of the ads… but the single biggest hitting Android device is the HTC Evo, with 3.12% of the market.

And while there are more Android devices out there, iPhone owners are still more interested in applications. 36% of the applications that Milliennial serves are on Android devices; a damn sight lower than the 47% of them that on iOS devices.

Those were the most interesting stats as far as I was concerned.

What we think?

To my mind, the higher app stats of the iPhone stem directly from the fragmentation of Android devices. Any application released for iPhone will work on every iPhone. That’s the payback you get for having to jump through hoops during Apple’s approval process. The same isn’t true for Android. Now, I’m sitting pretty on a large screen Samsung Galaxy S here, so I’ve got no complaints. But my sister has a HTC Wildfire, and my Dad has the Galaxy Pica – for these smaller Android devices, you can’t be guaranteed that every app released for the OS will display and work properly.

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5 Responses to Android out-numbers iPhone; iPhone out-apps Android

  1. Jake Sampson says:

    How about a link to the report you cite?

  2. Tony Dennis says:

    You have to sign up first to get the .pdf. But try this

    URL and go for Mobile mix

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  4. Pj Little says:

    One of the things I find discouraging is that iPhone is not only not well promoted in rural areas, there is no iPhones to be seen on display in rural corporate or third party vendors. If you don’t want to drive 50 miles to a larger corporate store you order your phone. Apple is taking a hit for understimating the will of rural America.

    I drove the 50 miles to Verizon corporate to buy the iPhone. It is very near the Sprint store that is in the same shopping center. Verizon foot traffic out numbered Sprint 20-1. The problem might be the ghastly yellow paint they use versus the low key muted colors in the Verizon store that makes the difference. I have a Sprint LG Rumor Touch, too, so I’m in both stores. The yellow is actually blinding in a bright sun.

    On the other hand this is a Verizon dominated area because Sprint makes it difficult to do business via their website if you live in Rural America. if I enter my zip code my choice is limited to a six phones. If I enter my sisters zip code I see all phones. I have no such problem with Verizon’s website.

    In the end I bought the iPhone based on the OS and the fact I did not want a Google dominated device. I left MS OS years ago. My Verizon pal said, “You really didn’t have any other choice, did you.”

    iPhne is easy to use, It produces great photos even in cloudy weather. The best news is Apple iPhone offers users some interesting choices I do not have on my Lg Rumor. One is the choice of the font size for reading and texting. The other choice I founde very useful is to use or not use the Google app.

    And I laughed.

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