Another update for Indian Nokia N73 owners

Rating: Nokia not seeing this level of enquiries itself

As Alice said, “Curiouser and curiouser.” Here at GoMobile Towers we are still experiencing a high level of enquiries about an OS upgrade for the Nokia N73 – the majority of which are stemming from India. To date we’ve had over 40 enquiries and those are just the ones which are printable. GoMobile News checked directly with Nokia about this situation. The company replied, “We have to agree with you that the number of responses makes this rather an odd one as we are not seeing this in our own enquiry channels.” In a nutshell, our advice is now this … 1) There is no advantage in trying to install the European upgrade we originally mentioned and 2) It wouldn’t work with Nokia N73s produced for the Indian market, anyway. BUT we may has spotted a general problem experienced by Nokia N73 owners in general trying to upgrade the OS.First off, the original article here in GoMo News was written back in 2008 when Nokia Europe had just released software version 4.0812.4.x for the N73.

This European software version included support for mobile TV when used with a Nokia SU-33W receiver.

Nokia tells us, “In India we do not have mobile TV and we do not sell the SU33 TV receiver unit.” This is not the same as Zenga TV, Nokia explained.

Some readers may be confused. As Zenga TV itself explains even Nokia Series 40 phones will be able to stream live videos to their handsets. The Zenga TV app works on 2.5G and therefore only needs a GPRS connection.

We’re not sure why some Nokia handset owners are unable to download the Zenga TV app directly from the Zenga site itself.

However, this site Download4All offers the software if you want it here.

The European update included improvements to Nokia Maps. Now the N73 was not a GPS enabled device so you would need a separate GPS module for this to actually work.

Those that can find a suitable GPS receiver which works with the N73 via Bluetooth (try searching for the Holox brand) should find that the Nokia Maps app does work with it.

Now Nokia tells us … “We made a specific software build for India which was then updated until the product went out of production.

So the current update is the latest and a European update will not work for a handset sold in India.”

In other words, don’t try to load the European update onto an N73 produced for the Indian market. In the worse case scenario you might ‘brick’ it.

A Bricked phone is the common description for a handset which stops working entirely because you have destroyed its firmware.

What’s interesting is the latest reply to our recently updated N73 story on How to upgrade the N73′s OS which you can read here.

Uttam Aggarwal tells us that it is a common problem to get the ‘memory full’ warning when you are trying to upgrade.

There’s a very useful thread on this subject in the official Nokia Support Discussions here.

Basically, you have to delete a pile of rubbish that may have built up on your memory card without knowing it. THEN you will have room to download and install the latest update from Nokia India.

Phew! We hope these revelations will help all 40+ of you who have contacted GoMo News to date.

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22 Responses to Another update for Indian Nokia N73 owners

  1. mimin says:

    I need to update my Nokia N73 as i could not install any other apps and could not be used as i want it to be

  2. manchisco says:

    pls i cant update my n73 someone should help me out

  3. admin says:

    Read this story and then all of the comments and you should have the answers!

  4. Khalid says:

    I need to updat my nokia n73

  5. vilesh says:

    I need to update my Nokia N73 as i could not install any other apps and could not be used as i want it to be

  6. admin says:

    There are three stories which contain all the information you require on GoMobile News. You found one of them. Another highly relevant to you is this one There’s also the original story If you read through all the comments, you will find the answers. This appears to be a very common problem indeed.

  7. Sunil says:

    Sir i have nokia n73 and the sw version is v4.0839.42.0.1 and what’s the newer sw version and how i can update it pls tell me

  8. jawed says:

    How can I do update my nokia N73 by pc.

  9. cupid says:

    nokia website doesnt support n73 anymore, what to do?
    how to download d update from the device itself ?

  10. admin says:

    Which country are you referring to?

  11. atiq rehman says:

    when i up date my mobile from device manager i show no update available. I’m in Pakistan.

  12. admin says:

    It’s probably because you do have the very latest version of the N73 software. What were you hoping to get from the upgrade?

  13. Suman saurabh says:

    I want to update my n73

  14. gurunathan says:

    i want update my N73. how can i do update my Nokia N73 all application.

  15. Bikram shar says:

    How can i update software(n73) please tell

  16. Rajib bora says:

    how can i update my n73 -5 phone ?

  17. admin says:

    By reading the many guides and comments posted here is your answer

  18. Suman Ghorai says:

    How to update Nokia N73 ?

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