Antenna tackles mobile acronym soup

You may know BYOD & MDM but can you COPE?

Hot on the heels of GoMo News accusing an Ovum analyst of using FTMA (Far Too Many Abbreviations) here, Antenna Software has sent GoMo News a tin of alphabet soup. It’s intended to symbolise the fact that many organisations and their associated IT departments a drowning in a sea of acronyms. Regular GoMo News readers will almost certainly be familiar with a couple of the terms in question. Such as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and MDM (Mobile Device Management) but Antenna is highlighting a growing problem.

So in a blog here, Antenna tries to help us all out by explaining the meanings of COIT, COPE, MAM, MIM and MRM.

GoMo News reckons that COPE (Corporate Owned, Personal Enabled) which is a possible response by IT departments to problems caused by BYOD is key.

With COPE, organisations supply employees with a popular smartphone (hopefully of their liking).

Then they create a split personality on the handset itself with corporate apps and sensitive data kept well separated from the user’s own personal activity.

Then there’s MAM – Mobile Application Management. This refers to software and services that help companies publish, distribute, secure, and manage business applications on mobile devices.

Unlike MDM, which goes deeper into the management of device firmware and configuration, MAM focuses more on the management of just the apps and content.

Unfortunately, in its enthusiasm to help journalist and the general public out with what’s going on in the mobile/IT workspace, the company committed a cardinal error.

The acronymn which Antenna doesn’t have, of course, is BYOA – Bring Your Own App. Very trendy.

GoMo News readers will have read numerous of our articles on the efficient use of mobile marketing with QR codes.

If it is a QR code, then there’s a 99 per cent chance the device being used to scan the code in is actually a smartphone or tablet.

So you don’t put a QR code on your PR blurb and then have it point to a standard HTML rather than mobile friendly landing page. Go to the back of the class.


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2 Responses to Antenna tackles mobile acronym soup

  1. Jim says:

    Hey Tony, Good summary of Cantenna … Point well taken on BYOA … sometimes it’s those things that are closest that seem the furthest away. Why don’t you allow people to share your articles from your webpage?? Seems like a missed opportunity to me …

  2. admin says:

    Good idea. We’ll have to work on a sharing feature. Thanks, Jim.

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