AppFlood Data Report reveals Chinese mobile advertisers crave worldwide inventory for global campaigns

Almost 70 per cent of Chinese mobile advertising spend is on inventory outside Asia
Russia was the primary European target for Chinese advertisers, followed by Italy, Germany and Ukraine
Europe accounted for 20 percent of AppFlood’s global web traffic, behind Asia and Middle East

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primarily driven by the west - hanage

April 29th 2014. AppFlood, the largest global mobile RTB [Real Time Bidding] network from China, today released its inaugural quarterly Data Report providing a snapshot of the state of the global mobile advertising industry based on ad traffic and revenue across its network. The report highlights the growing influence of China in the global mobile advertising industry. It revealed 68 per cent of Chinese mobile advertising spend was for inventory outside of Asia. The inventory from outside of Asia that Chinese mobile advertisers craved most was from the Middle East, Europe and Latin America.

The most sought after European inventory for Chinese mobile advertisers is from Russia, making up 19 per cent of spend in Europe.

Italy, Germany and Ukraine each received eight per cent of Chinese mobile spend in Europe, while Spain and the UK accounted for seven per cent each.

Other key findings from the AppFlood network report include: -

  • Global Mobile ad traffic grew 45 percent between Q3 2013 and Q1 2014
  • Global mobile ad spend increased 62 percent between Q3 2013 and Q1 2014
  • Mobile ad spend from China grew 110 per cent quarter-on-quarter between Q2 2013 and Q1 2014
  • Europe accounted for 26 per cent of global advertising spend, 20 per cent of mobile traffic and 30 per cent of app installs
  • Middle East is the next emerging mobile market and grew 62.4 per cent quarter-over-quarter since Q3 2013
  • Interstitials are still the most popular mobile advertising format, accounting for 70 per cent of advertising spend, but declined by 14 per cent on average each month in Q1 2014
  • Rich media ads accounted for 11 per cent of mobile advertising spend and grew 34 per cent on average each month in Q1 2014
  • Banner ads now account for just one per cent of mobile advertising spend

Chris Hanage, general manager of AppFlood for EMEA, said the growth of Chinese mobile advertising signals a shift in the mobile advertising ecosystem.

“For a long time the mobile advertising ecosystem has been primarily driven by the West and in particular the United States.”

” It appears this is set to change with the rapid growth of mobile advertising driven out of China,” Hanage said.

“Of particular interest is the Chinese thirst for global mobile advertising inventory, which demonstrates the importance of sophisticated global campaigns to Chinese advertisers. It’s a significant paradigm shift.”

With more than 110 employees in Beijing, San Francisco, and London, and 400million unique smartphone users across the globe, PapayaMobile’s AppFlood has experienced explosive growth in the last six months with a 384 per cent increase in revenue between September 2013 and February 2014.

AppFlood’s mobile ad network to date serves more than 145 million monthly active users, 10,000 developers, and 100,000 daily installs.

About AppFlood

AppFlood, the mobile advertising company from PapayaMobile, is the largest global mobile RTB network from China. Its proprietary machine-learning technology for mobile devices and global infrastructure enables advertisers, RTB partners and mobile developers to compete on a global scale between China and the rest of the world. AppFlood drives performance for global mobile ad strategies that include China, reliably and at scale. AppFlood specializes in big data covering every one of the 700 million Chinese smartphone users, unique global server infrastructure that bridges China with the rest of the globe, audience conversion prediction technology and customizable bidding technology. AppFlood was launched by PapayaMobile in July of 2012 and has since attracted more than 10,000 Android and iOS developers. Since launch, more than 400 million unique handsets globally have displayed app promotions from the AppFlood network.

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