Apple fanbois dumping their iPhones for Galaxy S5

Tenuous claims of our time from SellMyMobile

SellMyMobileDuring MWC Barcelona 2014 week with all of the industry announcements being made – especially for new smartphones, it seems that Apple fanbois might at last be breaking under the strain. Well, that seems to be what mobile phone recycling site – appears to believe. The site has contacted us here at GoMo Towers, to inform us that there has been an enormous increase in the number of iPhone handset owners trading in their beloved, Apple-crafted iPhones. In fact, there has been an 87 per cent increase in the number of iPhone trade-ins on the first day of the MWC Barcelona show. Why?

Could it be because world leading handset vendor, Samsung, has launched its next flagship model?

Which is, of course, the Galaxy S5. Who could have possibly guessed that the Korean giant would have called it that?

Anyway, seems to think that the S5 is responsible for the sudden surge amongst iPhone users trying to recycle their handsets.

However, there is some logic to the fact that Apple fanbois are dumping their iPhones.

For example, after almost years of hype and speculation, Apple still hasn’t launched anything which could conceivably be described as leading edge wearable technology.

We’re talking the fabled iWatch here. By contrast at MWC 2014, Samsung has introduced the second generation of its Gear smartwatches.

This is where GoMo News thinks that SellMyMobile might be on the right track.

The Gear smartwatches only work with Galaxy phones. Not even Android handsets from other manufacturers.

So if you are a gadget freak, you’re going to want to sport a smartwatch on your wrist. And it needs a Galaxy S5 not an iPhone to work with.

There’s also something of a clincher from The S5 specs aren’t sufficiently mind-boggling to entice Samsung fanbois to ditch their existing models.

Trade-ins for Samsung Galaxy handsets have only risen by 20 per cent this week.

Hardly a massive rush.

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