Apple shoots its own foot with iOS 7 UI redsign

Even Apple fanboys claim it now looks like WP8 & Android

isn't this panel a tad Droid like?

Apple may well have accidentally shot itself in the foot over the redesign of the user interface (UI) for the latest version of its mobile OS – iOS 7. Apple’s own fanboys are not only bemoaning the loss of green felt in the Game Center or the lack of wooden bookshelves in the Newsstand they are also making disparaging comparisons with rival mobile OS like Google’s Android and Microsoft’s WP8. More tellingly the company still hasn’t introduced an innovative new product.

This is the typical reaction [which we can print] from one Apple fan – a developer who has been running IOS 7 on his iPhone 5 for over a week. [See Comments here].

He says, “After years of design advancement why have Apple decided to make their OS seem like a poor relation of Microsoft’s Windows 8?”

“On the other side, it seems to have borrowed heavily from Android. Now you can swipe up to turn on/off Wi-fi, Bluetooth, etc – very similar to Android,” he adds.

The significance of these comments may be lost on Apple.

One of the chief pillars of its complaints against Samsung, for example, is that the Korean manufacturer’s handsets have copied its own smartphone designs.

The Californian company has revamped its own UI and what happens? Even its fans say that the new look appears to be copying elements from rival mobile OS.

Quite frankly, Samsung’s US lawyers must be rubbing their hands with glee over such statements.

Now we come to the constant complaints (from publications such as GoMo News) that Apple is failing to innovate.

Apple’s marketing guru, Phil Schiller, has been quoted as saying, “Can’t innovate any more? My ass!”

But what product was he talking about? A redesigned desktop computer, that’s what.

Hello. Smartphones and tablets are taking over the world and Apple thinks it a good idea to produce a new desktop?

We’d argue that PCs have basically taken on the role of mobile device docking stations.

They help mobile interface with other media such as USB memory sticks and music CDs.

If Apple was really to innovate it would produce a docking station which Apple fans in their droves would buy.

Such a beast doesn’t really need processing power it just needs storage and a multitude of interfaces.

Here at GoMo Towers we can only guess at what facilities such a docking station would provide.

But being able to read all of your CDs; load them into iTunes; and then categorise them for you correctly would be a great start.

Perhaps the docking station would also serve as a home media station – relaying data from your mobile device to the TV or music centre.

What Apple needs to do is create such a product that would make all of its rivals think – now why didn’t I produce that? It is so obvious.

That’s what we mean by a lack of innovation Mr Schiller. Not an new coat of paint on a rapidly fading category of devices.

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