Apple still dominates mobile ad impressions

Rating: Adfonic says lead over Samsung has increased

According to Adfonic’s Global AdMetrics Report for Q3 2012, Apple has widened its lead over Samsung for the share of global ad impressions. This is despite the increasing popularity of the new Samsung Galaxy S III. Worse news still for Samsung, Apple’s iPhone 5 has yet to impact on Adfonic’s mobile advertising platform. The big losers appear to be Nokia, HTC, Sony and RIM BlackBerry.Apple increased its share of ad impressions by two per cent going from 34 per cent in Q2 to 37 per cent [Q3 2012].

By contrast, Samsung only increased its share by one per cent from 23 per cent in Q2 to 24 per cent in Q3 2012.

Adfonic’s CEO, Victor Malachard, was surprised that, “Even though Samsung is making huge inroads in device ownership and gaining mobile advertising share, it is still losing ground to Apple.”

He also sees the gap as increasing in the near future. “These results don’t take into account the impact of new Apple devices such as the iPhone 5, the iPad Mini and the new iPad, which will be felt during Q4 2012.”

This Global AdMetrics report showed that new mobile devices can experience rapid adoption – achieving top ten positions by share of ad impression within just a few months of launch.

Despite only becoming widely available in July 2012,Samsung’s Galaxy S III made it into the global top ten mobile devices, reaching sixth position with 1.4 per cent of all impressions.

Hardly surprisingly, in terms of Real Time Bidding (RTB), Social Networking was the channel with the strongest RTB performance.

Social Network generated clickthrough rates (CTRs) of 127 per cent more than the average for non-RTB inventory.

Plus effective earnings per thousand impressions (eCPMs) 663 per cent higher than the average for non-RTB.

“The fact that we’re seeing significantly stronger performance from RTB across all channels is an indication of how the mobile display advertising industry is changing,” Victor Malachard added.

“Programmatic mobile buying is proving itself through concrete results, and RTB will emerge as the dominant way to buy mobile media,” Malachard observed.

“Especially when tied to the direct and broad access enabled through Demand-side Platforms (DSPs) such as Adfonic’s Madison.”

Adfonic’s Global AdMetrics Report is available from Adfonic’s website here.

See the full Adfonic Global AdMetrics Q3 2012 report Press release here.

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