Apple’s draconian guidelines for new iPhone 5s/c leaked

Oops! We shouldn’t have even used the word new – sorry Tim Cook

couldn't fit secondhand, crushed, jailbreak or stolen in

This is priceless. Somebody has leaked a 12 page or so document to Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald here which spells out Apple’s Draconian guidelines for the new Apple iPhone 5s models. By which we mean the ‘s’ and the ‘c’ of course. Not that calling one model 5s is confusing, of course. What tickled us here most at GoMo News is that Apple has a list of words which they ban distributors from using. The story also illustrates how much Apple dislikes YouTube – apparently because it is owned by Google!

By now some eagled-eyed readers may have spotted that we’ve already broken the rules several times.

Apple frowns on the use of exclamations marks! Plus you mustn’t put ‘new’ in front of the word iPhone.

The problem is that distributors cannot afford to run the risk of Apple’s wrath – although they do point out that Apple has mellowed slightly since the iPhone has lost some of its shine.

Apple fanbois will probably point out that the company is merely trying to protect its brand (and what’s wrong with that)?

They’d also point to the historic success of Apple’s adverts, of course.

The list of banned words includes: – secondhand; crushed; stolen; YouTube; Tim Cook; and jailbreak. We can understand the latter but why no references to Mr Cook?

Besides some very onerous requirements for TV, printed publications and even billboards, the company also has rules on advertising in all digital media – including online video, online display, tablet, mobile and social media.

The guidelines state that advertisements on bus panels, taxis and aircraft are forbidden.

Plus posters bearing images of Apple are not allowed in bars, hotels, gyms or doctors’ offices. Why?

For advertisements that appear in print, Apple prefers only full-page ads in big metropolitan newspapers and magazines.

Of course if you really want to get yourself sued to death, then you could compare this kind of behaviour to the diktats of a certain German political party. Sadly, we’re not Private Eye. So we won’t.

Oh and Apple would really hate the YouTube video below. Even though it is a joke!

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