Apple’s toying with its iOS messaging prompts reaction

Acision reckons that MNOs should  react with their own services

JF Sullivan

truly ubiquitous service - sullivan

Apple’s proposed improvements to the iOS messaging application which were revealed at the company World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco this week [June 2014] have caused a stir. What with Samsung revealing its first ever Tizen phone at the same time and the same town, obviously San Francisco was the place to have been. Anyway, GoMo News has had its ears bent by Acision‘s CMO, JF Sullivan, on this very subject. Sullivan reckons that by filling the gaps of its iMessage service, Apple is levelling out the messaging playing field.

“Apple is sending a clear signal that it can see the value in offering a consolidated messaging service for its users, which encompasses all of the popular features of the most used apps currently on the market,” Sullivan argues.

“Even in today’s tech-savvy world, the true success of an app comes down to function and user experience.”

“That’s not just in terms of design, but in terms of what the app is able to offer and how streamlined its services are in allowing its users to perform multiple functions in a simple way”

Sadly Sullivan reckons that Apple still hasn’t quite gotten right and that it has failed to improving the reliability of the iMessage service.

The trouble is that protocols of how iMessage works are very complex and messages frequently get lost or are never sent/received.

What’s the remedy? Well, Acission naturally feels that if mobile network operators [MNOs] were to launch their own smart, rich communication app which included SMS/MMS fall-back, then  messages would be guaranteed to be sent and received.

Plus subscribers would then not be limited to just other iPhone or smartphone users but would also to be able to reach feature.phones, too.

“This would provide universal reach and a truly ubiquitous service,” Sullivan maintained.

While not ground breaking in terms of features, operators should take note of Apple’s strategy – even in a crowded application marketplace.

There’s a strong opportunity for an all in one communication service which can combine all the best messaging features with universal reach.

However,  the key is to ensure it has a simple, engaging and empowering user experience.

While new features are cool, they are not always what is needed, so with their credentials, this is something operators may indeed be far better placed to offer than Apple,

Just maybe with a few quirky features thrown in for good measure.

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