Apple’s woes are probably Wi-fi related

GoMo speculates on delays to iWatch & iPhone 5S/6

we call it superfast wif-fi

Moving on from our previous gut feelings, recent revelations have convinced GoMo News that iconic consumer gadget manufacturer, Apple, has run into problems with harnessing the latest incarnation of Wi-fi. Initially, we suspected that struggles with Wi-fi technology might have been affecting Apple’s much rumoured forthcoming wearable electronic device. Which is widely believed to be the iWatch. Now we’re convinced that Wi-fi woes extend to its next smartphone. Be it called the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6.

Ok. If you are going to communicate between a wearable device and a smartphone/and or tablet, there are really only two technologies in the running – Bluetooth and Wi-fi.

And we’ve always maintained that Apple views Bluetooth (correctly) as a European inspired technology whereas Wi-fi is far more international and influenced by the USA.

So if you are Apple and going to introduced a ‘revolutionary’ wearable device that communicates with smartphones and tablets, Wi-fi is obviously the way to go.

Usefully, there is a brand new version of Wi-fi sneaking out onto retailers shelves near you. That version is officially called 801.11ac which GoMo News has now labelled superfast Wi-fi.

Unfortunately, 802.11ac isn’t yet officially recognised as the latest version of Wi-fi. So Apple is facing a dilemma: How can it introduce its next-gen iPhone product without actually building in 802.11ac support?

It’s a particularly big quandry since Samsung’s Galaxy 4 already has superfast Wi-fi (802.11ac) support built-in and is out in the stores.

GoMo News has explained before that smart watches already exist – like the i’m watch (see here) which utilise the lower power version of Bluetooth.

The other day we were chatting with Paul Howard of router specialist, D-Link Europe, about superfast Wi-fi. He explained it is six times more power efficient than the previous version of Wi-fi (802.11n).

Howard didn’t know how superfast Wif-fi compared in terms of power consumption with low power Bluetooth – essentially because no-one has asked that question before.

But we think Apple has asked the question. Which is probably why it is hiring engineers (as we previously reported here).

GoMo News believes that using 802.11ac, Apple could potentially get the power requirements of Wi-fi down to levels acceptable for a wearable device.

And if it could do that, then it would almost certainly be able to build AirDrop (which is basically Wi-fi based file sharing) to work too.

We could be completely wrong but it would seem to explain the remarks made by Apple head honcho Tim Cook that you shouldn’t expect anything new (including an iPhone, of course) from his company until Fall (Autumn) 2013.

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