AppMobi goes beta with HTML5 tool for games

Rating: Write it once and roll it out to iOS, Android and Facebook

Open mobile software specialist, appMobi, has just announced a public beta trial of its playMobi offering. This is an HTML5-based cross-platform game development, deployment, and monetisation SDK. The key advantage is that it provides HTML5 game developers with a ‘write it once’ JavaScript API which can then be rolled out as web, Facebook, iOS and Android games. Crucially, playMobi includes in-app purchasing capabilities based on appMobi’s ’1Touch’ technology.Significantly, playMobi addresses many of the issues which games developers face such as user authentication, in-game payments, social player engagement, scoring and leaderboard management.

The core technology of playMobi is based on ‘TapJs’ which pioneered the social network category for HTML5 games. The technology was acquired by appMobi in 2011.

Sam Abadir, CTO with appMobi, commented,”With a single JavaScript API, playMobi gives HTML5 game developers all the tools they need to create interesting and socially engaging games that run on iOS, Android and Facebook platforms.”

playMobi enables its users to deploy the same code to iOS, Android, Facebook,and the open Web – all whilst being fully compliant with each platform’s terms of service.

In terms of paymentswhen running on iOS, playMobi uses iTunes; on Android, Google Payments; on Facebook, Facebook Credits; and on the Open Web, PayPal.

Developers can also Integrate playMobi analytics into a game is simply a matter of adding the playMobi JavaScript library and a few lines of JavaScript code

playMobi includes social gaming tools that game developers can use to increase the ‘stickines’ of their games. PlayMobi enables players to seamlessly move from one platform to another and retain their scores, etc.

User login is simple and easy using Facebook Connect.  Tools are also provided to create and manage leaderboards, game achievements, player analytics, and cloud-based storage of game status and inventory.

HTML5 game developers who wish to join the playMobi beta program can apply via .

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  2. henry says:

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