AQA 63336 app is handy for pub quiz cheats

Rating: Worth the 98 pence download

As GoMo News mentioned here, All Questions Answered aka AQA 63336 has just launched a Java based app. This will make it even easier to cheat in pub quizzes.

To download it, first text ‘app’ to 63336 and then follow the link to install the software. GoMo News tried it on a Nokia N95 and also on 3′s iNQ phone and it works fine. Incidentally, those in Ireland might want to see if it works by texting 57275 instead.

The cost of the UK download is a mere 98 pence but for that money you get three free questions thrown in. AQA’s guru, Colly Myers, told GoMo news that the chief purpose of creating the app was so that customers didn’t have to remember and keep keying the short code.

The most useful facility which the AQA app provides is a history of the last questions you have asked. Which is extremely useful when the same old argument rears its head in the pub.

There’s also a Top 5 questions showing what presently the most frequently asked questions are. An interesting insight into the Nation’s psyche. Not surprisingly football topics make a frequent appearance.

The actual opening screen shows six top stories which are gleaned from the media and based on current questions. GoMo News assumes that AQA writes this stuff itself.

One complaint which Colly Myers highlighted is the fact that every time you go onto the mobile internet, the operator’s network always asks for permission to do so as you may well be charged.

He asks why can’t the network ask this question just once and then remember your reply? It just adds frustration to the downloading process. And it’s more than a tad irrelevant if you have an unlimited data tariff.

GoMo News’s rating: – much better than phoning a friend.

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