AR specialist Metaio opening chip R& D in Dallas

Rating: Augmented Reality isn’t just about software optimisation

Veteran Augmented Reality (AR) specialist, Metaio is to invest resources into research and development of AR core technologies. To this end, the company which to date runs an award-winning R&D team in its headquarters in Munich, Germany, has decided to expand its activities through the opening of an all-new office in Dallas, Texas [USA]. Consequently, Metaio is looking to recruit new staff.

The company is hiring for multiple positions in the USA (San Francisco & Dallas) – including chipset R&D. Discover more here.

Explaining its move into hardware, Metaio CTO, Peter Meier, observes, “Optimising the software helps, but it’s not enough.”

He adds, “In order to enable the kind of ‘Always On, Aways Augmented’ future that every popular representation of Augmented Reality from Iron Man to Google Glass promises, the devices themselves need to be optimised at the chipset level.”

Augmented Reality experiences running on standard mobile devices tax the battery and the CPU heavily.

Early research by Metaio, however, already shows a drastic reduction in power consumption and increases in initialisation speed by up to a factor of 60 when running on its AREngine.

Metaio announced the AREngine, the first-ever hardware IP dedicated to accelerating new Augmented Reality hardware interfaces, such as Google Glass @ the recent MWC 2013 in Barcelona.

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