Arqiva is building a UK network dedicated to IoT

Its investment will also connect the UK to SIGFOX’s global IoT network
This should strengthening Arqiva’s position as a leading provider of M2M connectivity services

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unique breadth of capabilities - mcmillan

Arqiva is building and running a national [UK] Internet of Things (IoT) network, starting with ten of the UK’s largest cities. To enable this Arqiva has partnered with SIGFOX, a pioneer in cost-effective, energy-efficient Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity. The new network, which will use SIGFOX technology and connect the UK to the SIGFOX global IoT network, will unlock substantial economic benefits and support innovative new services for smarter homes and cities.

SIGFOX’s ultra-narrowband technology is particularly suited to connecting objects over long distances where a long battery life and low cost are required.

By becoming the SIGFOX MNO [Network Network Operator] in the UK, Arqiva has strengthened its position as a leading provider of machine-to-machine [M2M] connectivity services.

Arqiva md of smart metering and machine-to-achine [M2M] solutions, Wendy McMillan, commented, “Arqiva has the unique breadth of capabilities needed to meet evolving machine-to-machine connectivity requirements across the UK.”

“We already run satellite, Wi-fi, and long-range radio networks, providing full managed services where required,” she added.

“Our smart metering communications service, connecting 10 million homes using long-range radio technology, will be one of the UK’s largest machine-to-machine deployments.”

McMillan continued, “Our partnership with SIGFOX, and the new dedicated Internet of Things network Arqiva is building, will provide nationwide low-power connectivity for the first time.”

“Low-power consumption allows batteries and equipment to last longer, avoiding the cost and inconvenience of replacing devices.”

“This massively expands the range of devices that can be connected, increasing the benefits to consumers and businesses alike.”

Hundreds of on-going SIGFOX partner projects are able to take advantage of the network’s integrated global distribution channel, allowing the same device to operate in any country where SIGFOX is deployed.

SIGFOX networks are currently deployed in France, the Netherlands and Spain, as well as in several cities in other countries, including Moscow, and Munich. Many major international businesses are already customers.

Rodolphe Baronnet-Frugès, vp for network & business development with SIGFOX, commented, “The UK has an active, fast-growing Internet of Things market, and our partnership with Arqiva is a significant part of SIGFOX’s plan to establish a global cellular network dedicated to the IoT.”

“According to some forecasts [probably Ericsson's -Ed], there will be 50 billion connected devices worldwide by 2020, but for this to become a reality, both cost and energy use will have to come down.”

“That’s the solution SIGFOX offers, and we’re proud that Arqiva is bringing it to the UK.”

The dedicated IoT network will be rolled out nationwide, starting with ten major UK cities:-


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