Ask Asif: Nokia vs Xolo vs Micromax’s Asif Shaik answers readers handset questions

consider a xolo a600

There’s plenty of  handset reviews and advice available for devices supplied by the famous international brands. By contrast, there’s very little written about handsets which come from home grown brands in both China and India. So GoMo News has asked our Indian correspondent, Asif Shaik, to rectify the situation. This week, for example, he deals with questions about Nokia’s forthcoming Android handset – the X versus a handset from Xolo or Micromax.Aadarsh Verma asks …


Which phone should I buy? Whether Noki’a's X (Nokia’s first Android phone) or Micromax Canvas Fun, A74 or Xolo A500s or A600?

Asif Shaik replies …

Hi Aadarsh,

It is too early to say anything about Nokia X. It lacks Google Play Store and other Google services like Google Maps, Gmail, Google Now, etc.

Although you can get it through a simple hack, not everyone would be able to do that.

I really would advise you to buy a Xolo A600 due to its relatively high-resolution screen and a much better processor than the Snapdragon 200 being used in the Nokia X.

Virat asks …


Which one should I go for? Xolo A500s or Lenovo A390 or iBall Andi 4di plus ? Which one has better touch, processor and quality ? I read somewhere Xolo has better touch and processor.

Asif Shaik replies …

Hi Virat, in my testing, Xolo devices are much better than iBall. As far as Lenovo A390 is considered, it has a heavy and complicated UI which I personally do not like. It even lacks an LED flash.

I would advice Xolo A500S due to its great build quality, almost stock UI and a good processor but mind you, it lacks an autofocus lens in its camera unit.

Devesh asks …


I was fed up with the way Samsung and LG phones have gone. I recently bought a Galaxy Ace and I was not satisfied.

So I am looking for good Indian Phones like MMX or Xolo. I saw MMX Fun and Xolo A600. Which phone should I choose ?

Asif Shaik replies …

Hi Devesh, Xolo A600 is a batter choice but have you considered the Sony Xperia M or the Xolo Q700i? Just have a look at both of them before you make a buying decision.

GoMo News readers who have similar questions to these can leave them as Comments to this message and Asif will endeavour to answer as many as he can.

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  1. Anand says:

    I wish to buy a Xolo phone but the reviews about their after sale service and the handset is worst than anything. what do you suggest

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