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Geoff Dennis is a director with Insight Manufacturing and IT project manager, and has a background in software development and methodologies in office and telecommunications software.

Twitter's Ross Sheil at APS To sell your apps, be social

Advice from Twitter’s Ross Sheil @ App Promotion Summit

To ensure that an app is successful, business developers should ensure that they focus on social media sales rather than app stores. That was the underlying message in presentations at the App Promotion Summit held in London yesterday [July 9th 2015] from both Facebook and Twitter. Plenty of statistics were given to support this, by Ross Sheil of Twitter in particular. These sites are also providing developers with software suites to analyze app performance, the aim being to identify usage patterns and keep your users engaged. Twitter’s Fabric suite for mobile developers is in fact now a year old. Continue reading

demina - in 3rd place South African becomes loyalty & gamification winner

Poland’s Przybylski is 2nd & Russia’s 19 yr-old Demina is 3rd

A 36 year old South African, Martin Naude became the first African winner of the Loyalty and Gamification World Championship. At the other end of the spectrum, Daria Demina of Russia became the youngest award-winner at the tender agoe of 19 years. In an extremely tight finish, Naude held off the ‘King of Play’ Krzysztof Przybylski (Warsaw, Poland) to take the top prize of $2,000. After a split judging decision, Naude was adjudicated winner on countback across the 12 World Leading Judging authorities. Both Naude and Przybylski have educational backgrounds in computer science, with Naude a Loyalty Rewards specialist and Przybylski a Gamification experienced professional. For Naude this was never about the money. Continue reading

First reactions to Amazon’s Fire phone

Actually we think it’s Shazam that’s in deepest trouble

It’s amazing how dazzling Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, must be because the hype seems to have buried the fact that his company has launched a smartphone running a ‘forked’ version of Android. Um, just like that massive success the Nokia X, then? [Sarcasm]. Now GoMo News has read nothing to suggest that the new Amazon Fire smartphone when it is introduced will seriously damage Samsung or Google. Unlike Android which killed Symbian. The thing that strikes us most is the existence of ‘Firefly’ as an app on this phone. This facility can apparently identify songs. Continue reading

- ekholm Improve you brand and revenue with iPad apps

Think of it as a completely different channel

Attendees at the Publishing & Media show at Earls Court London yesterday [February 25th 2014] were more likely than many to focus on iPad rather than smartphone apps. A presentation by one of the founders of mag+, Staffan Ekholm, focussed on how you might use this particular platform to build both your revenue and your brand.He proposed that a device-specific focus could bring significant rewards. Continue reading

BBM-new_logo MWC: BlackBerry leaps into bed with Nokia over BBM

Not only does it run on Nokia X but Windows Phone 8 (WP8)

Showing just how the newly-confident BlackBerry views its software services (rather than its proprietary hardware) as key to its survival, the Canadian smartphone pioneer has jumped straight into bed with Nokia. And therefore, Microsoft. So it is hardly surprising to discover that besides announcing that whilst BBM is already installed on the latest Nokia X (Android Project) handset, it will soon run on Windows Phone 8 (WP8) handsets, too. And not just a subset of BBM, it seems. Continue reading

counting of Android v iOS sessions is insufficient - müller Be smarter and measure more – app publishers urged

We dropped in on adeven presentation @ Apps World

GoMo News dropped in on the Apps World Europe at Earls’ Court London yesterday [October 23rd 2013]. At this busy and truly international fair, we bypassed the gaming and hackfest sessions to seek out those offering some new business insights. We caught a presentation by Christian Wellenbroch and Paul Muller of Adeven with the goal of making mobile marketing easier for publishers, a sentiment we could readily appreciate ourselves! Continue reading

christer_holloman Author says social media in business shouldn’t be restricted

New book from Holloman provides case studies for a social media strategy

As Chairman of First Tuesday, the London-based professional networking forum for technology entrepreneurs, Christer Holloman believes that companies who confine social media usage to just one department have missed a trick. He reckons that it should be leveraged by every department in the whole organisation.  Holloman regularly consults for major companies and tech start-ups on digital projects. Hence his book is packed with case studies. For his second book on the subject, ‘The Social Media MBA in Practice’, he’s based his guidance on case studies – 25 in total, much-requested by readers of the first book. Continue reading

gov-uk GoMo tests GOV.UK websites for mobile compatibility

We test UK government websites to see if they work on portable devices

Having examined the UK government portal, GOV.UK,  a while back, GoMo News is  now looking at how readily British citizens can perform transactions online from UK government websites. In particular, how easily they can be conduct from a mobile device – of course. Hence, we have therefore decided to try a sample transaction in each of the top categories listed on the GOV.UK ‘ Services and Information’ section. Continue reading

gov-uk 1 year on – UK government web sites reviewed for mobile friendliness

Actually, we rate them 4 stars out of 5

After setting up an advisory board to deliver public services online to the UK, back in July 2012 the UK government’s Cabinet Office produced Design Guidelines for (public) digital services. (See our previous report here). One year on, we thought we’d take a look at how services have progressed – chiefly from the mobile perspective. Specifically, we wanted to look at the extent to which transactions can be completed online on UK government websites, particularly from portable devices. Continue reading

latin america is largely untapped - Meller Jampp talks up S America @ app Summit

Whole area only has two languages!

Asked to cover the topic of ‘Taking your app international’ as well as to comment on where the key untapped markets are, at the recent app promotion summit in London’s Knightsbridge, Diego Meller, CEO with Jampp talked up South America as the area to focus on. Brazil is, of course, the ‘B’ in BRIC which MNOs have long touted as the key to continuing expansion in the cellular world. Continue reading

image(2) olloclip clip-on lens for iPhone impresses

Rating:  Snapper particular rates the macro mode

At the recent MWC 2013 show in Barcelona, GoMo News acquired an  clip-on lens – the olloclip 3-in-One lens for Apple iPhones. Not being ardent photographers ourselves,  we asked a professional photographer friend to try it out. Continue reading

Martha Lane-Fox UK Government digital design principles examined for mobile

by Geoff Dennis

In an earlier article (‘GoMo examines UK gov design principles for mobile’) here, we noted that the UK  government has come up with design guidelines for digital services.  These are based onDame Martha Lane-Fox guidelines for the [UK] Government Digital Service (GDS). We promised that we would investigate how effective these are for mobile (rather than desktop) users. So we have now taken each of the ten principles and examined its relevance to mobile. See below. Continue reading

gov-uk GoMo examines UK gov design principles for mobile

Rating: With a little help from Martha Lane-Fox

Not so long ago [July 2012], the UK  government came out with a set of design guidelines for (public) digital services. Given that we are at the point where access to the internet more often than not originates from a mobile device than the desktop, here at GoMo News thought we’d investigate how relevant this is to mobile.  Plus we’ll look at how well implemented UK government services are for mobile users. Continue reading

Geoff_dennis_12 Guest Post: What responsive web design doesn’t fix

Improving mobile web access Part III

by Geoff Dennis – director with Insight Manufacturing & blogger on

In my previous article ‘Guest Post: Improving mobile web access – Responsive Web Design‘ I described how, using Responsive Web Design (RWD), a single web site solution can be developed for a multitude of formats. It automatically re-sizes its layout and content according to device-specific parameters such as screen width. The approach has many benefits which are outlined below. Continue reading

Guest Post: Improving mobile web access – Responsive Web Design

by Geoff Dennis – director with Insight Manufacturing & blogger on

In my previous article here I described how there is a growing need to provide a good mobile web experience, given that the number of people using portable devices as their primary device for internet access is overtaking the number using the desktop. With the multitude of portable device types in use, including tablets and mini-tablets as well as mobiles, there is a need too for a method for developing web sites that ensures content is delivered effectively to these devices as well as for fixed internet. Continue reading