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BTEasy_bluetooth Amazon accidentally comes to rescue of EE’s store

UK MNO’s online store leaves a lot to be desired

Appreciating just how online searching works has never been one of UK MNO [Mobile Network Operator] EE‘s strong points. After all this is the company which called itself Everything Everywhere before abbreviating to EE. Here at GoMo Towers we’ve just struggled to purchase an accessory from EE’s online accessories store. The item in question is a Bluetoth car visor. All we had was one simple question – does it auto-answer incoming calls? Could we find a way of asking EE? No. So we eventually found the answer on Amazon instead here. Continue reading

swantee- may hand over to Allera EE’s Swantee reveals his potential successor

As long as the BT merger goes ahead, of course

You’ve got to admit that he’s done a really good job. EE‘s current head honcho, Olaf Swantee, has pulled off a number of stunts which the vast majority of those in the industry would have thought impossible. However, now that it seems that the Powers That Be are going to give the nod to the acquisition of two of the UK’s leading mobile networks by the country’s incumbent telecoms provider (BT), Swantee is thinking of moving on to pastures new. And if that happens, he’s expecting an EE colleague, Marc Allera, to take over. Continue reading

showrooming isn't going away - spencer EE launches Wifi In A Box to combat Xmas showrooming

Amazon leading showrooming app followed by eBay & Tesco

New data from leading British MNO [Mobile Network Operator], EE suggests that the UK’s Xmas shopping season could be heavily impacted by the practice of ‘showrooming’ in 2015. EE’s data shows that 41 per cent of Brits – equivalent to almost 22 million shoppers – regularly showroom. That’s the tech term for using a mobile device (usually a tablet or smartphone) to check for a better price for an item online whilst still inside the store. The most common showrooming app is Amazon.  Over three quarters (82 per cent) of shoppers saying they use. The second most popular showrooming app for is eBay (54 per cent), followed by Tesco (28 per cent). Continue reading

Hardware clinic : Push-To-Talk [PTT] explained

Turning a cellular handset into a walkie-talkie

Recent events [December 2015] have thrown PTT as a facility back into the limelight. The original buzz surrounding a push-to-talk [PTT] facility – also known as PoC [Push-to-Talk over Cellular] can historically be put down to the Nextel in the USA. Nextel used a system known as iDEN from Motorola. However, Nextel is simply now part of Sprint, of course. What is PTT? Basically, PTT turns you mobile phone into a ‘walkie-talkie’. In essence you select a user from the handset’s addressbook; press a button; and say, “Hi this is Ground Control, come in Major Tom.” Or, something similar. Although a ‘real time’ conversation is taking place, with PTT is normally a data rather than voice connection. Given that PTT utilises data there’s no reason why you couldn’t have PTT over LTE [PoLTE] just like you have voice over LTE [VoLTE]. Continue reading

same impact on UK's public safety infrastructure - flomer Guarded reaction to EE’s UK ESN network win

To be LTE based rather than using TETRA

Much as anticipated, in the UK, leading MNO [Mobile Network operator] EE has won the contract to run the country’s Emergency Services Network (ESN). This network serves all branches of the emergency services including ambulance and fire fighters as well as the police. Presently, the UK’s ESN is based on European TETRA technology which many regard as old-fashioned. By contrast, EE intends to build a £1 billion LTE-based network, which should come on-stream as early as mid-2017. The British government is hoping that this switch will help to put the UK centre-stage in the cellular industry with the Home Office claiming its arrival will make the UK a “world leader” in emergency services communication. The move has been welcome by at least one industry player – Ingo Flomer, director of product management, with Cobham Wireless Continue reading

no clear boundaries for data ownership - moar professional athletes will help drive smart clothing sales

Fitness wearables market worth $10bn by 2020 says Juniper

The fitness wearables sector will generate over $10 billion in hardware revenues by 2020 (up from an estimated $3.3 billion in 2015), a new study from Juniper Research has found. This tripling effect will be largely driven by the sales of wrist-based trackers, whilst hundreds of thousands of connected garments used by professional sports teams will showcase wearable technology’s most advanced capabilities. The is latest research – ‘Smart Wearable Devices: Worldwide Consumer & Enterprise Markets 2015-2020‘, has also found that that devices offering more advanced fitness tracking capabilities – such as heart-rate tracking and blood-oxygen saturation levels, are becoming more popular. Continue reading

xAd spots a rise in inverse showrooming

Launches its Mobile Path to Purchase report

xAd has launched its biggest research of the year – the company’s third annual ‘UK Mobile Path to Purchase’ report. This study examines how consumers’ relationship with mobile and physical location affects purchase expectations and decisions. 2015′s study contains online survey data from 1,500 UK-based smartphone users who have used their devices for a purchase decision in the previous 30 days. Perhaps the most surprising finding is a rise in ‘inverse showrooming’. This was where 60 per cent of consumers who research goods and services in-store then proced to convert. those searches to purchases on location. Consequently, this new research reveals that consumer purchase decisions are influenced by real-time location. Continue reading

a clear warning - erlin Brain Test malware more cunning than 1st thought

Tripwire’s Erlin warns of dangers

An app known as Brain Test has been infecting Android phones since August [2015]. Apparently, it pushes unwanted ads onto devices. However, researchers now think the malware may be more advanced than previously thought. According to a report cited by EWeek, the malware installs a rootkit allowing hackers to run an arbitrary code on the infected device. Tim Erlin, director of security IT and risk management at Tripwire commented, “Ads appearing on your Android phone outside of a specific application are a clear warning sign that something is wrong.” Continue reading

Apple fanbois will  welcome sapphire glass - ebbett Battery life is prime concern for phone users

Latest research from Protect Your Bubble bad news for Apple

According to research carried out by mobile phone insurance specialist, Protect Your Bubble, 37 per cent of UK mobile users have noticed their battery life deteriorate dramatically since they acquired their first handset. So, in light of the iPhone 6S ‘battery-gate’ fiasco – if battery life is what consumers care about, then Apple may be in a bit of trouble. Significantly, the research found that long battery life is the top priority for over half of buyers 51 per cent when choosing a new phone. And it’s even more important to mobile users than which mobile operating system [OS] the phone has (36 per cent). Continue reading

Industry reaction to BT’s takeover of EE

Meanwhile the Three/O2 looks increasingly uncertain

It seems that the UK’s CMA watchdog has provisionally approved the merger of BT – the incumbent telecoms operator and leading UK mobile network operator [MNO] – EE. It seems that this permission was widely anticipated but it appears that the efforts of Hutchison Whampoa – owner of the Three mobile network, to acquire rival MNO – O2 may not be so successful. Here is some industry reaction to this news … Mark Soden, md for Technology, Media and Telecoms (TMT) practice at Norman Broadbent commented, “Sceptics in the sector are up in arms about BT’s potential acquisition of EE, but the huge advantages are clearly being ignored – the combined business is a positive development that will benefit customers.” Matthew Howett, practice leader for regulation with with Ovum, said, ” Of course the more challenging transaction to win regulatory approval will be that of Three/O2. Continue reading

1st Windows 10 smartphone from Microsoft

Lumia 950 has dual anntena & super camera

Nokia – or should we say Microsoft, has just [October 2015] announced the latest smartphone in its Windows based range – the Lumia 950. This is, of course, Microsoft’s first Windows 10 flagship smartphone. Obviously this handset will have to play on its hardware features because it doesn’t have a cat in hell’s chance of competing on the ‘mobile apps supported’ front. Traditionally, Nokia has chosen to go big on the capabilities of the built-in camera. This is exactly the sort of smartphone which will lead to the disappearance of the consumer dedicated digital camera. But what intrigued us here at GoMo Towers is the fact that the company decided to go it big on the handset’s dual antenna system. Continue reading

Google & Microsoft agree to end their patent battle

Dr Aaltonen diagnoses boredom with pursuit of the pointless

It seems that industry giants – Google and Microsoft, have finally agreed to end their respective patent battle.
According to Dr Aleksi Aaltonen, an assistant professor of information systems with Warwick Business School, commented, “Patent battles are business as usual for tech giants that use them for various purposes. Lawsuits are used to claim financial damages but undoubtedly are also used for strategic manoeuvring and even for PR.” He hints, however, have probably become bored with pursuit of pointless. He added, “Given that software patents are often notoriously ambiguous, lawsuits tend to become drawn out affairs that can last years.” Continue reading

apple's forte is big innovations - francis Comment on iPhone 6s’ release today’s Abby Francis on 3D Touch, Live Photos and memory upgrade

As Apple fanbois worldwide wait eagerly in queues [lines] today [September 25th 2015] to purchase the very latest Apple smartphone – the iPhone 6s, Abby Francis – mobiles expert with has been kind enough to share her views on this product release with us. The main new features she highlights include 3D Touch; front-facing and rear camera improvements/Live Photos; and the upgrade to 2GB of memory. Abby Francis reckons that, “Apple’s forte is making innovations bigger, better and of course, mainstream.” A bit like Apple final embracement of NFC, then. Plus Huawei announced its version of 3D Touch earlier in September [2015], of course. Continue reading

the real thing Fake Xcode wreaks havoc with apps on iTunes

China based attack even affects TenCent’s WeChat

It seems that malware dubbed XcodeGhost has been found embedded in hundreds of legitimate apps on Apple’s iTunes App Store. No reason for most iOs users to panic because the affected apps all seem to be those aimed at the Chinese market. It seems that the malware got passed Apple’s software checkers because it was introduced by a bogus copy of Xcode – the software required by all those wishing to develop iOS apps. Worryingly, however, it is app developers who are being targeted in this attack. The official line is that it was quicker to download the bogus Xcode from Chinese servers rather than Apple’s own. However, GoMo News would speculate that since the licence fee for Xcode is so high, developers were drawn to the fake version because it was free. Continue reading

colao unphased by malone sabre rattling Liberty Global/Vodafone deal seems a No-No

Vittorio ain’t going to be pushed around by John

The general consensus of opinion is that a deal to combine John Malone’s Liberty Global with Vittorio Colao’s Vodafone in order to offer that Holy Grail of a decent fourplay [quad-play] in Europe has almost certainly unravelled. The combination of the two comms giants would make a great deal of sense if you believe that fourplay is the way to go. Here at GoMo News we don’t think it is such a brill idea, of course. Anyway, Vodafone has got a very good mobile presence in the major EU markets such as Germany and Spain – plus the UK, naturally. And Liberty Global now control Virgin Media which has a key position in the supply of digital TV. But the financial hurdles are too great, it seems. Continue reading