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making its way to china? Nokia to launch MixRadio in China

Linked to Bill Gates’ return to Microsoft

According to a report in today’s [March 23rd 2014] Sunday Times, Nokia is on the verge on launching a version of its MixRadio streaming service into China. Like other observers, GoMo News would question the wisdom of such a move. As a country its inhabitants aren’t known for much respect for digital copyrights. Which could prove a flaw in Nokia’s business plan. We especially like the newspaper’s suggestion that Bill Gates is somehow behind the move. Continue reading

image used by ee in tweet EE’s initial humorous response to its network outage bombs badly

Actually what some customers need to do was reset their phones

UK MNO [Mobile Network Operator], EE, suffered an embarrassing network outage on Wednesday night [March 19th 2014]. There were conflicting reports of actually how long the outage lasted with some customers complaining they had been without service for up to six hours. It may have been handset problems which caused such an apparently long delay. It’s also unclear just how many of EE’s 27 million customers across the UK were affected. EE operates under the T-Mobile and Orange brands, as well as is own EE brand in the UK. It appears that some EE customers had a sense of humour failure over a joke explanatory tweet the company sent out. Its text message apology was more demure. Continue reading

consumers are always mobile - taylor EE targets retailers with omni-channel approach inc Wi-fi

Can be combined with heat maps

EE has introduced a new managed service, Connected Retail, that uses mobile connectivity in-store to improve the customer experience and open new revenue streams. The aim is to let retailers send customers personalised offers and promotions to their smartphone while they are in-store. It can be combined with heat mapping technology to anticipate queues at the checkout before they arrive. Continue reading

SNS releases public safety LTE & mobile broadband report

USA’s FirstNet can save up to 40% in TCO over 10 years

Signals and Systems Telecom has issued a significant new report – ‘The Public Safety LTE & Mobile Broadband Market: 2014 – 2020′.
It claims that public safety organizations worldwide recognise LTE as the de-facto standard for mission critical mobile broadband communications. With spectrum already allocated, public safety agencies in the Middle East, Asia Pacific and the USA have already begun to operate private LTE networks. Driven by public safety demands, LTE products can now also operate in spectrum bands previously unthinkable, such as the 400 MHz band, which is widely available to public safety agencies worldwide – the report says. Continue reading

Nokia-X-Dual-SIM Newsflash: Nokia X Dual SIM on sale in India

Get yourself a Nokia phone that runs Android apps

By chance, GoMo News spotted that the Nokia X has already gone on sale in India. The recommended price is INR 8,599. Which is around £75 or $120. You can see full details of the handset on the Nokia India web site here. Note – this is a Dual SIM handset. See our previous story ‘MWC: 2014 is the year of dual SIM support‘. There are also rumours that the handset is on sale in Kenya. We believe the X (not the X+ or XL) might have gone on sale as early as March 10th [2024]. At MWC Barcelona, Nokia implied it was available on the day of the launch – but that didn’t happen. Continue reading

nothing beyond commodity services - windle Even revenues from 4G roaming seem to be disappearing

How can MNOs retain subscribers & access new revenue streams?

Three kicked off free 4G roaming for its customers and now EE has announced its subscribers can now roam onto 4G LTE networks in Europe. Now that traditional roaming revenues are roaming away, how Mobile network operators [MNOs] can compensate for falling roaming rates? The short answer is to try to learn from the way that OTT players behave. Here GoMo News looks at industry comment from OpenCloud and Tektronix Communications on how operators can not only retain subscribers but also access new revenue streams. Continue reading

no black-box or managed-service - davies Adbrain gets the dosh to turbo-charge expansion

Mobile programmatic mobile ad specialist can fund more R&D

Adbrain – a company which claims it has developed the world’s first “truly transparent, customisable and intelligent” platform for programmatic mobile and multiscreen audience buying, has just received a major cash injection for European and US expansion. The money will be used to recruit “world-class talent to its accomplished engineering, big data and artificial intelligence teams.” That should help put it at the top of companies offering ‘programmatic mobile audience buying’ which – as GoMo News understands it, is an extremely useful adjunct to real-time bidding (RTB). Continue reading

things need to communicate with the cloud - boland UK PM bigs up IoT & Neul in CeBit speech

We’ve always called it M2M before but apparently that isn’t trendy enough

It seems that the UK’s Prime Minister, David Cameron, has decided that his country should get into the Internet of Things (IoT) in a big way. The IoT is, of course, the latest spin on machine-to-machine [M2M] communications. Mr Cameron decided to pick his visit to the legendary high tech exhibition in Hanover, Germany – CeBit to announce UK funding for the IoT. At the show, he unveiling another £45 million funding for research which takes the grand total available to £73 million. In the course of his speech, David Cameron even had the chance to mention UK IoT specialist, Neul. Continue reading

20bn device industry by 2020 - poulsen Tweakker adds new string – instant Internet

Making life easier for mobile operator call centre staff

Tweakker which specialises in mobile connectivity has added another string to its bow in the shape of instant internet access. This makes it easy for MNOs [Mobile Network Operators] and MVNOs [Mobile Virtual Network Operators] to add a data services for their connected customerbases. The first operator to benefit from this facility is Lebara – a leading MVNO. Tweakker has been able to extend its traditional business services from turnkey cross-channel access point name (APN) device set up to supplying solutions for instant internet access settings for all phone models, thanks to Tweakker’s automatic device configuration software. Continue reading

skinner -even iphones had nfc @ mwc MWC: GoMo discusses key themes with Barclays’ Skinner

Internet of Things surprisingly commonplace at show

Let’s face it, Mobile World Congress [MWC] Barcelona 2014 did well. Attendance was up by 18 per cent compared to 2013. Event organisers, the GSMA, announced that over 80,000 visitors from 201 countries attended the 2014 event plus more than 5,000 people participated in a range of partner programmes. As the dust settles on MWC 2014, GoMo News talked with Andrew Skinner who is relationship director for Technology, Media & Telecoms (TMT) at Barclays [Bank], about the major themes from this year’s show. These included wearable technology (no surprises there); 4G; IoT [Internet of Things]; NFC [Near Field Communication] – as well as security, of course. Continue reading

Juniper_roaming14 Silent roamers need combating says Juniper Research

Yet mobile roaming revenues will rise to $90 billion by 2018

Despite EU regulations, operator revenues generated from mobile roaming will reach almost $90 billion by 2018, according to a new report just released by Juniper Research. That figure compares to the $57 billion which Juniper expects to be generated in 2014 and roaming will represent over 8 per cent of the global operator billed revenues by 2018. These revenues will largely be driven by increasing data usage – surprisingly from a reduction in roaming charges. In 2013, data roaming represented an estimated 36 per cent of the global mobile roaming revenues. Continue reading

not exactly a secret any more is it? Boeing planning to use dual SIM phone for secure comms

A challenge to BlackBerry’s grip on the sector

Here at GoMo News we’re not quite sure why an aircraft manufacturer, Boeing, is indulging in specifying its own design for an Android smartphone that supports secure communications, but as usual this a website filing gave the game away. We’re pretty sure that here was the first to spot this leak for a handset which seems to be called the Boeing Black (H8V-BLK1). Significantly for GoMo, this handset represents a new twist on the use of dual-SIM technology. Continue reading

- pujol MWC: Highlights already emerging including those from IDATE

It isn’t all over until the fat lady sings, of course

Although the Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona isn’t officially over until the end of the day [February 27th 2014], a rather cheeky Frédéric Pujol, director of the telecom business unit at IDATE has already sent GoMo News his highlights of the show. He’s picked some very obvious soft targets such as wearable technologies. However, Pujol does mention 5G as well which has been somewhat drowned out amongst the other announcements. DATE itself has, of course, just recently published updates on the subjects of LTE and M2M. Continue reading

Facebook-Skype Facebook could earn $800m from a Skype copy says Strand

If Facebook/WhatsApp get into VoIP it’s bad news for MNOs

Without even mentioning the recent WhatsApp announcement, John Strand of Denmark’s Strand Consult argues that if it should decide to introduce cheap voice calls (via VoIP), Facebook could potentially blow Microsoft’s Skype right out of the water. As he says, “f you can talk to friends in Facebook, why would you need to use Skype?” Look at the facts. Facebook is already the world’s largest communications provider with over 1 billion users. It’s a platform where people communicate by voice, text and data. At $175 billion it has a larger market cap that any mobile network operator [MNO], save for China Mobile or Vodafone. And logically, Skype could be one of the first victims of Facebook’s entry to the VoIP market. Continue reading

- Hartley MWC: Vodafone & Huawei link up could prove big boost for cellular

It’s all about carrier aggregation

Decisions which can radically affect the course of the cellular industry are frequently announced at MWC and 2014 is no exception. However, although a Vodafone & Huawei, link up could provide a really big boost for the cellular sector, its significance could be lost because it involves network infrastructure not devices. Nonetheless, it is a breakthrough. The pair have proved it’s possible to combine what were previously regarded as disparate resources – FDD and TDD LTE spectrum. Not only that but in this case the partners are promising impressive speeds – over 500Mbit/s. Continue reading