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mobile_voip Cheap voice calls specialist introduces an app for Nokia Asha phones

Symbian is dead so long live Nokia’s Series 40

With the news that WhatsApp is considering offering its users free calls and the fact that arch rival LINE already offers such free calls, it’s easy to forget that in the majority of cases, consumers still have to pay for ‘cheap’ international calls. The technology which makes these calls possible is, of course, VoIP [Voice over IP]. Although Skype has its own flavour of the technology, VoIP is what it utilises to provide cheap callers for its subscribers, for example. However, Skype doesn’t suit everyone and it certainly does cover all mobile platforms. Which is where cheap phone call software specialist – Mobile VOIP comes in. And guess what – Mobile VOIP has just announced that it now has a VoIP client for Nokia’s S40 Asha (Series 40) range of handsets. Continue reading

Indian_browsers_51D UCMobile is most popular browser in India

Latest Chart of the Week (CoTW) from

Earlier this week [November 2013], African mobile operator MTN renewed their agreement with Opera software to offer a customised version of the Opera Mini mobile web browser. This time takes a look at web traffic originating from third-party (non-Google) Android mobile web browsers in India and the USA. Continue reading

Nokia 208 Dual SIM Nokia launches price competitive 3.5G handsets

Have ideal for emerging markets written all over them

Realising that its brand is by no means dead in emerging markets Nokia has justed launched three new 3.5G models. The Nokia 207, Nokia 208 and Nokia 208 Dual SIM. They are ‘virtual’ smartphones offering the major facilities that consumers in emerging markets such as India will want. For example, they are robust; support email, the Internet and a few key social apps. But without the prices tag of a regular smartphones. Plus there’s even a Dual SIM variant. Continue reading

Lo_Q gadget Lo-Q makes virtue out of virtual queuing

Combines payment, ticketing, & queue-line management in app

Mobile technology is subtly changing every aspect of our everyday lives. Pretty soon there will be an app for everything. Now technology is about to revolutionise an aspect of everyday life that the British have been ridiculed for ages. When it comes to ‘queuing ‘, say at the concert, doctor, the joke is the British enjoy forming nice orderly lines. Well one small British company is turning that joke on its head and taking on the world to prove that the British really are the best at queuing or rather virtual queuing. Continue reading