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UK-wide study reveals the rising influence of mobile in retail

Report also covers drive-to-store campaign case study

Press release

  • 60 per cent of smartphone owners buy products on their mobile phones
  • 47 per cent buy products they’ve seen in store on mobile
  • 40 per cent use mobile couponing services

November 26th 2015. Timed to the push as retailers both in the US and Europe prepare for the impact of Black Friday and the upcoming Christmas madness, adsquare, the Audience Management Platform for mobile programmatic advertising, has released the results of its latest consumer survey, providing brands and businesses key insights around the role and significance of mobile for the retail industry. Continue reading

Chinese office to be powerhouse - poulsen GIV Mobile & Tweakker boost charity incomes

Tweakker’s Device Guides provide the US MVNO’s subscribers flexible smartphone self-care and greater customer care experience at lower operational costs

Press release

November 17th 2015. Spirent Communications‘ device intelligence business unit Tweakker has announced that it has won a customer care contract from American mobile virtual network operator [MVNO] GIV Mobile. The contract enables the MVNO to embed Tweakker’s smartphone Device Guides on its website which seamlessly connect to Tweakker’s cloud. As a result, care agents can now solve any customer smartphone issue from joining its network and throughout the subscriber lifecycle. Continue reading

superiority of passenger experience - dawkins Singapore Airlines to adopt GX Aviation from Inmarsat

Press release

November 9th 2015. Inmarsat has confirmed that Singapore Airlines is to deploy its GX Aviation high-speed connectivity service for passengers on-board its long-haul fleet. The services are procured by the airline from Inmarsat’s partner SITA OnAir and will be powered byHoneywell’s JetWave satellite communications hardware. The first installation is scheduled for Q3-Q4 2016, starting with Singapore Airlines’ Boeing B777-300ER aircraft, which will be followed by its Airbus A380-800s and A350-900s. Continue reading

Jet ConneX for business aviation ultimate connectivity

Press release

May 2014. Picture the scene. You’re on your laptop, checking your latest stock price. Every now and then you look up to catch the live news on TV. In between, you’re looking at the weather forecast on your smartphone. Seconds later it rings. It’s your daughter wanting to know if you bought the cinema tickets for the weekend. You haven’t so you book online while you’re talking. Now imagine that you’re not at home or the office, but cruising 35,000 feet over the Atlantic in your business jet. All this will happen with Inmarsat‘s JX. Continue reading

accelerate adoption - markwalter Wearables security, availability & trends to be Highlighted @ FMS ’15 keynote

With 35% CAGR, CEA’ s Markwalter explains why wearables are more than a state of mind

Press release

July 29th 2015. While the wearables industry is projected to experience more than a 35 percent compound annual growth rate(CAGR), the industry faces challenges in making the technology meaningful and more than novelty for consumers and businesses. During his keynote presentation at the Wearables/Mobile Day August 12th [2015] at the FMS (Flash Memory Summit) 2015 held in the Santa Clara Convention Centre, Brian Markwalter, svp for market research and standards with the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), will share the latest developments and future directions in wearables. Continue reading

key to drive further into BYOD - stevanovski ACN’s Flash Wireless selects Tweakker for BYOD play

Press release

October 22nd 2015. Spirent Communications’ device intelligence business unit Tweakker has announced a US-wide connectivity and device guide agreement with Flash Wireless.  As the wireless division of ACN, the world’s largest direct seller of telecommunications, energy and essential services, Flash Wireless gives consumers the power to choose from the nation’s top networks, contract and no contract options, and the choice to bring along a favourite device or upgrade to a new one – and all at an outstanding value. Continue reading

jay-emmet OpenMarket research shows that personalisation is key to enterprise comms

SMS remains the top global language with 84 per cent of adults using a text-enabled mobile device

Press release

October 14th 2015. OpenMarket, a leader in enterprise mobile engagement, and Portio Research, a UK-based market research firm, have announced the launch of a new report on the trends driving communications technology globally. The Portio Research report, sponsored by OpenMarket and titled ‘SMS: The language of 6 billion people‘ examines the shift towards a ‘mobile first’ mind set, the unprecedented reach of SMS, and the growing emphasis on content personalisation. It also reveals the three megatrends that are shaping the way consumers purchase goods and services, and interact with brands. OpenMarket and Portio Research will present a 60-minute webinar on October 29th [2015] to discuss the report findings. Continue reading

Sky invests $5m in advertising technology firm Sharethrough

Press release

September 30th 2014. Sky has invested $5 million in the US-based advertising technology firm Sharethrough as part of its strategy to drive innovation by partnering with emerging technology companies. Sharethrough claims to be the world leader in ‘native advertising’, offering software that enables publishers to monetise their sites and apps with adverts that are non-interruptive and stylistically similar to the surrounding content. For advertisers, Sharethrough’s software provides them with an automated solution to match online ad campaigns to the web pages they are hosted on. Continue reading

- gamberini Italian MVNO CoopVoce driving new revenues with Spirent Tweakker

OTA configuration settings to MVNO’s growing BYOD fleet gets shoppers online in seconds

Press release

September 30th 2015. Spirent Communications‘ device intelligence business unit (Tweakker) has announced that it has won a service contract from CoopVoce, one of the largest mobile virtual network operators [MVNOs] in Italy to provide its Tweakker solution . This will provide over-the-air (OTA) device configuration settings to CoopVoce’s growing and diverse ‘bring your own device’ [BYOD] fleet, for improved customer experience and increased revenues. The MVNO is a new venture of the giant retail chain COOP, which has more than 1,000 hypermarkets and supermarkets in Italy. Continue reading

lars_houbak2 Mobilethink solving Africa’s $6 billion cloned device dilemma

Press release

With 10-20% of mobile devices coming into a network being cloned or counterfeit mobiles, Mobilethink’s automatic device detection and upsell solution is now must-have technology for African carriers to generate revenues from potentially banned smartphones; solution will be showcased at AfricaCom 2015 in Cape Town in November

September 29th 2015 Spirent Communications‘ device intelligence business unit Mobilethink has announced that it will use AfricaCom 2015 as the springboard to show African carriers how to end the current cloned device nightmare on their networks and to either block or engage with users. Continue reading

Ofcom sets new annual licence fees for mobile spectrum

Press release

September 24th 2015. UK telecoms watchdog, Ofcom, has published revised annual fees for mobile operators, determining the amount of money they must pay to use certain parts of mobile spectrum. The Government directed Ofcom in 2010 to revise these fees to reflect full market value.1 The fees are paid annually by mobile network operators for the 900 MHz and 1800 MHz spectrum bands, which they use to provide voice and data services using a mix of 2G, 3G and 4G technologies. Continue reading

all OEMs should embed - poulsen New carrier-agnostic embedded connectivity app fuels Sky Devices global growth plans

Tweakker’s Fit4Market application from Spirent Communication accelerates the OEM’s time to new markets, eliminates costly field testing

Press release

September 15th 2015. Spirent Communications‘ device intelligence business unit - Tweakker, has announced that it has entered into a global supply agreement with mobile phone manufacturer, Sky Devices.  As a part of this agreement, the Tweakker‘s Fit4Market instant connectivity app will be embedded into every new Android smartphone to be built by Sky Devices. Continue reading

overspend on phone charges amounts to £5.42bn - stapleton Introducing iD – the new UK mobile phone network built around customers

Designed for a data-driven generation
Lowest priced 4G plan on the UK market
Value 12 month 4G plans

Press release

April 23rd 2015. Carphone Warehouse announced iD, a new mobile network that is built around what the customer wants and addresses consumer frustrations with current mobile phone plans. Available from May 2015 and operating on the Three network, iD will launch with a set of market-leading, introductory offers promising the mobile user increased contract flexibility, greater access to free data roaming and the best value 4G available on the UK market. Continue reading

Tablets to replace laptops in the workplace within 10 years, EE research reveals

Research from EE reveals that more than half (52%) of UK workers say tablets will replace laptops in the workplace within 10 years
Almost a third (31%) said that workplace laptop usage is declining, and 24% of workers say they have now transitioned to tablets
Businesses are also keeping tablets for longer, with 30% keeping their tablets for over three years
In light of this, EE is launching the UK’s first 36-month tablet plan specifically built for small businesses customers. It provides a cost-effective option that better reflects how small businesses purchase and use tablets, and compliments EE’s shorter term tablet plans
Case study: Sailing holiday provider Sunsail is using 4G tablets from EE to reduce costs by over £10,000 annually and increase customer engagement by up to 60%

Press release

September 3rd 2015. Tablet adoption is speeding up in the workplace, and tablets are predicted to replace laptops within 10 years, according to new research undertaken by EE. Continue reading

changed  life beyond recognition - meader Mobile-geddon – The everyday essentials facing death by smartphone

Revealed: 10 essential tools set to be replaced by phones in next decade
Keys, pocket mirrors and TV remotes to disappear by 2025
The new Swiss Army Knife: phones are now the ultimate multi-tool – expert says

Press release

The march of the smartphone means the number will be up for alarm clocks, keys, pocket mirrors and TV remotes by the end of the decade. That’s the verdict of futurist Dr Ian Pearson, who teamed up with TalkTalk Mobile . UK comms watchdog, Ofcom’s data released recently showed two thirds of us (66 per cent) of us own a smartphone, and for the first time smartphones have overtaken laptops as the most popular device for getting online. Continue reading