Avoiding WhatsApp’s disappointment for Nokia N73 users

We suggest some ways out of this dilemma – the Nokia Asha, WeChat & Line

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Asha 501

If there is one thing that has stayed constant through the mobile revolution, it is the amount of interest in instant messaging [IM] clients, our Indian correspondent Asif Shaik writes. Most IM clients have a similar set of features, with a few key differentiators that distinguishes. This is an area where WhatsApp excels. With its easy sharing features and free business model, WhatsApp has established itself as a leader in the IM category. It is offered on an exhaustive list of platforms that include iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia S40 (Series 40), Nokia S60 (Series 60) and Windows Phone (WP8). Although finding a version of WhatsApp that works on your device is easy, this isn’t always the case. As users of the Nokia N73 will attest, the popular messaging client was not made available for the device. The solution could well be the Nokia Asha 501.

While somewhere around 70 Nokia Series 60 devices got the client, a few devices, like the Nokia N73, were left out.

This was not isolated to the N73, as a few other Nokia devices were also left in the lurch for reasons unknown.

The only alternative for users intent on using the service was to either switch mobiles or find a Java-based web version.

While the issue is not as prevalent as before, there are a few notable devices on which the service is not available yet, like the Nokia Asha 501.

The Asha 501 sells a lot in emerging markets, and while it has not yet been announced as to when the service will make its way onto the Asha Touch platform the Asha 501 comes with, leaks of the Asha 500, the next device in the Asha line, has icons for the WhatsApp service.

While WhatsApp tackles issues with compatibility, security is another area in which the service has come under a lot of scrutiny for.

Just the other day, its website was taken down by a Palestinian hacker team, and while they have not managed to obtain any user data, the takedown follows a long line of security mishaps.

For instance, in 2011, it was discovered that messages that were being sent were in plaintext, which allowed hackers to see the messages by using a technique called packet tracing.

Another security faux pas was revealed when a website was launched which claimed to show the status of every WhatsApp user.

A reason for the amount of interest in hacking the service comes down to its massive increase in size in recent years.

The service claims to send 27 billion messages across the world on a daily basis, and boasts 300 million active users.

In emerging countries like India, the service is a major hit, and boasts a user base of 20 million.

This is an achievement considering other messaging clients like Line and WeChat also have a strong following in the country.

In fact, Line announced recently that its Indian users were now at 10 million.

So, the service is clearly garnering more attention, and although users of the Nokia N73 may feel jilted, the team at WhatsApp have ensured that users on any new device will not feel left out again.

I would suggest every jilted N73 user to have a look all these Nokia phones, most of the Asha series phones from this list are compatible with WhatsApp.

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5 Responses to Avoiding WhatsApp’s disappointment for Nokia N73 users

  1. tofunmi says:

    does any asha phone minimise?

  2. admin says:

    What do you mean “minimise”?

  3. Bruce says:

    WhatsApp supports all S60 handsets based on S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1 and beyond (S60 3.1+). N73 is S60 3.0 so is not supported.

  4. Virendra says:

    Please … WhatApp software log-in for my Nokia N73

  5. admin says:

    You need to read our ‘Nokia N73 updates & WhatsApp help page’ here http://www.gomonews.com/nokia-n73-update-whatsapp-help-page/

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