Bad news for Vodafone’s F1 fans

Rating: 2013′s last chance to get in those McLaren pits

that logo will disappear in 2014

It seems that Vodafone has conclude a review of its global sponsorship deals. The good news is that the mobile operator has discovered almost ubiquitous (90 per cent) awareness of the Vodafone brand in all markets where the company operates. Now for the bad news, fellow Formula One racing fans. Vodafone will end its engagement with the McLaren F1 team after the conclusion of the 2013 season. So, if you’ve been hoping to win one of Vodafone’s VIP days out to Silverstone (where the British F1 race is held), you better get your skates on because 2013 is your last chance.

Of course, Vodafone’s close association with F1 as a sport goes way back.

GoMo News remembers seeing Michael Schumacher in the Paddock hospitality area back in the good old days when Vodafone sponsored Ferrari – before the switch to McLaren.

Reading between the lines, what Vodafone is saying is that in an increasingly high tech industry, sticking your logo on the side of a racing car is a bit passé.

So, Vodafone is going to develop and implement a new, Vodafone-owned marketing platform throughout 2013.

It hopes this will transform its local and global sponsorship strategy to deliver “an enhanced approach to customer engagement.”

Hence it has been down to the Vodafone Group’s CCO, Morten Lundal, to be the bearer of the bad news.

Lundal revealed, ” We have been very happy with our engagement with McLaren. Our relationship has been a key ingredient in bringing the Vodafone brand to where it is today.”

However, there’s a catch. “our brand is evolving, and we’ve concluded we will have less of a need for this kind of exposure in future. We now look forward to further success and brand engagement with McLaren in 2013.”

Shame, because out of the four BRIC countries, there F1 races in Brazil, India and China. Only Russia is presently left out.

Oh well, we only have to wait until this Sunday [March 17th] for the 2013 F1 season to kick off in Australia. We’ve already downloaded our apps in preparation.

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