Bango and Deutsche Telekom hook up for operator billing

Bango claims direct operator billing leadership

frictionless payment experience - anderson

A new partnership to widen access to Direct Operator Billing (DOB) for app store purchases has just been announced by Deutsche Telekom in conjunction with Bango.The partnership enables Deutsche Telekom to accelerate DOB deployment. The pair claim this will bring  bringing frictionless ‘one click’ payment to DT’s subscribers for apps, music, games and other digital content.

Bango will power Deutsche Telekom’s payments across multiple stores,including BlackBerry World, Facebook and Mozilla’s Firefox Marketplace.

“Bango is proud to build on our long-established partnership with Deutsche Telekom,” commented Bango’s CEO Ray Anderson.

He continued, “This agreement reaffirms Deutsche Telekom’s commitment to providing the very best, frictionless payment experience, for the largest possible number of subscribers.”

Significantly, Bango  is claiming to be the de facto global leader in DOB, powering many of the world’s largest app stores.

The list includes: -Amazon, BlackBerry World, Facebook, Firefox Marketplace, Google Play, and Windows Phone store – with more than 130 live operator connections.

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