Bango views Direct Operator Billing in black & white

Not everyone thinks Bogus Operator Billing (BOB) is the problem

As we all know – Direct Operator Billing (DOB)¬† is the state of the art in mobile payment, allowing smartphone users to charge the cost of a digital purchase to their phone bill, in one-click. But all mobile payment providers are not the same. Many of today’s mobile payment providers are dependent on an inferior approach according to Bango which it terms Bogus Operator Billing, or BOB for short. Bango it is revealing BOB for who he is. Others say it ain’t that straightforward.

Bango argues that BOB use fiddly and error-prone Premium SMS (PSMS) messages, and employ opaque, vague language to pass this off as Direct Operator Billing.

The result is a degraded user experience and ultimately – lost sales.

However, not all those operating in the DOB marketplace seem to take such a black vs white approach to the whole sector.

Patrick Macgougan from txtNation told GoMo News, “We offer true DOB in a number of countries and in countries where the networks don’t allow it, we offer different payment flows to offer the best customer experience as possible”

He continued, “We focus on a lot of mobile web flows, so where there is no true DOB for mobile web, we offer other flows including MSISDN forwarding, thereby the best customer experience
for payments possible on mobile.”

Bango’s Beware of BOB campaign proposes five key questions which operators and digital merchants must ask to ensure they don’t fall victim to BOB.

Hence, Bango’s latest white paper, entitled Beware of BOB, examines the problem in detail, and includes the five key questions.

Beware of BOB is available  from here. The five questions are: -

Are you paying too much?
Are you paying too little or nothing at all?
Are you the victim of a price point strait-jacket?
Are you paying incorrect or illegal taxes?
Are you the victim of mobile cramming?

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