BBM for Windows Phone app may be imminent

BlackBerry might also sell a personalised BBM ID

onedrive for bb10

We’re a little slow off the mark here at GoMo Towers because we’ve only just noticed that there’s now a OneDrive cloud storage option available for BlackBerry BB10 users. We spotted this when an ad for OneDrive (which had to be recent because the SkyDrive name has been dropped) appeared as an ad when downloading from BlackBerry World. Given that Microsoft only made the app available a few days ago [March 2014], we think that BlackBerry will reciprocate. And what better way to do it than making a BBM for Windows Phone app available? Particularly since it looks like BlackBerry is considering monetising BBM by selling personalised BBM IDs.

We’ve downloaded the OneDrive app onto our Q5 and spotted that this is an ideal way of swapping data between Windows Phone devices. Or even Microsoft devices for that matter.

That’s because we didn’t need to create a new OneDrive ID. We used our Microsoft ID – which we’ve had since the days of MSN email.

This development since yet another indication that BlackBerry has stopped being precious and started to get more pragmatic. Striking deals with Microsoft is just one indication.

Now, GoMo News has always predicted that BlackBerry would monetise BBM. But this move took us by surprise.

We spotted that BlackBerry had targeted certain BBM users for a survey and got a GoMo News reader to participate.

He tells us that half way through the survey, he was suddenly asked not only if he was interested in acquiring a personalised BBM ID but how much would he be prepared to pay for it?

There’s an indication of a one off payment or a regular yearly payment. Whatever happens, we want GoMoNews as our ID.

One last observation. Considering BlackBerry’s close links with Formula One – aka the recent chat with Mercedes’ Nico Rosberg – why didn’t the survey check how many BBM users were F1 fans directly.

It seemed an obvious one to us.

You can download the OneDrive app for BB10 devices from here.

Incidentally, if you’re an avid BlackBerry fan seeking cloud storage, Box is the obvious answer because that service even has a client for the BlackBerry Playbook.

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  1. dan says:

    I switched from an iPhone 5S to my bb Z30 and i love it. Love the OS and don’t miss any apps since BB10 can run Android apps.

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