Beeb surprise backer of updated Radioplayer app

Finally helps GoMo tune in to Chill radio again

radioplayer to the rescue

Here at GoMo News we are big fans of a music station which is called ‘Chill‘ for obvious reasons because that’s the kind of music it offers. Now in the past, we’ve been able to access this station by various means. But lately, it has proved nearly impossible to listen to this Internet radio station via an ordinary browser. We’re not entirely sure why. In our search for a solution we came across an app named Radioplayer – which is designed to enable users to listen to a wide range of digital stations across the UK. The big surprise for us was the fact that the BBC [Beeb] is a backer/benefactor of this app.

The reason we’re surprised is that the BBC is a quasi-governmental organisation to which all Brits are forced to pay an incredibly high annual fee.

Yet, the Beeb has just got together with rival digital music station owners to produce a single app that lets users tune into virtually every single UK Internet radio station there is.

Including our beloved Chill (sometimes known as Chill DAB). Now Chill’s own web site offers a number of options for listening to its music.

One of these is to run an app capable of playing .m3u streaming feeds
such as this feed for Chill.

We tried various m3u players but they were extremely difficult to use. However, the updated version of the Radioplayer isn’t difficult. It’s easy.

You can download the Android version of the radioplayer app from here.

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