Bid site predicts Android app work will catch iOS by 2013

Rating: Demand for RIM app developers has fallen dramatically

A web site that allows self-employed specialists to bid for projects – – has been mining its data to gauge the health of the mobile app development sector. It claims the big loser is RIM/BlackBerry – despite the release of the PlayBook tablet. Significantly, the company says the growth rate for new iPhone applications is slowing whilst Google’s Android is enjoying a steady increase. The company predicts that Android will take the Number One position from Apple by Q1 2013. This information is taken from The Freelancer Fast 50 charts and key conclusions are drawn from almost 110,000 job postings in Q1 2011.  Although does have a British arm, GoMo News wonders how much of this data is actually slewed towards the US market.We base the hint of a US bias on the fact that Symbian isn’t mentioned at all. Whereas if you look at some of the live bids then Symbian skills are required as part of overall mobile OS app development projects.

It’s also interesting to note that HP-’s webOS doesn’t get a mention although when we checked there was a quite healthy project on offer to develop for HP’s latest tablet, the TouchPad.

Microsoft doesn’t feature in the Fast 50 charts at all, it seems. The company stated, “Microsoft jobs numbers were again abysmal  -with Windows CE down 42 per cent and Windows Mobile down by 16 per cent. No mention of WP7 (which is another kettle of fish) at all.

This is a very interesting observation from … “The rise of HTML5 has reinforced the downfall of Flash, once the powerhouse of online work.

Flash work dropped 10 per cent to 3,095 jobs posted this quarter however it is yet to be determined what impact Google Swiffy will have on Flash projects.”

The 34 per cent increase in the number of HTML projects on offer places it firmly at the top of the Freelancer Fast 50 list.

To put some kind of perspective on RIM’s rapid decline, it held first place with 35 per cent of the market (according to comScore data) in October last year, but has now been bumped down to third place with 25 per cent in April 2011.

No wonder RIM has been force to lay off staff in anticipation of weak profits for Q2 2011.

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