Big scoop for Nokia with Red Bull app

Rating: Forget iOS and Android, it runs on Series 40

Here’s a complete scoop for Nokia The struggling handset maker has done an exclusive deal with Red Bull Media House to launch a ‘World of Red Bull’ phone app for its Lumia (W7 Mango) and Asha handsets. The app provides users with access to all of Red Bull’s music, sporting and cultural based content. For Formula One fans this is something of a scoop because red Bull doesn’t just have one team it has two [Red Bull & Toro Rosso]. The application aggregates the latest news, interviews, interactive maps (based on the Nokia’s Maps platform), localised events – along with real time access to athletes, videos and still images. And it’s free.The application utilises Nokia maps and other technology on the Lumia and Asha devices to track local music, sports and other events and gives real time access to athletes.

The app hosts information on more than 400 Red Bull athletes from the world of F1, Snowboarding, golf and skateboarding as well as providing links to interviews, news and their Twitter profiles.

Key features include Windows Phone’s first ‘curated’ animated news; innovative split screen techniques; sharing videos by NFC; voice command support and customised lock screens.

Red Bull saus the app is aimed at thrill-seekers who are eager to explore the hottest nightclub in town; want live coverage of ‘aw-dropping’ Red Bull moments, or jwho simply ust want to know when the next Red Bull event is taking place.

“With a design that is inspired by both the Windows Phone tile motif and Red Bull’s distinctive aesthetic and technology like Nokia Maps, we’ve melded world-class hardware with an intuitive, smooth user experience unlike any other app in the world,” claimed Bryan Biniak, a vp for Global Partnering with Nokia.

GoMobile News had so much trouble trying to locate the app in the Windows Phone Marketplace that we’ve decided to publish the requisite 2D barcode which should take readers straight there.

Glancing through the key features, at times it was difficult to believe that the description matched the app which we had actually downloaded.

For example, the parts of the app which leverage Nokia’s Maps technology are supposed to have blue and yellow icons. Actually, they are red and yellow.

But never mind because one yellow icon took us to a video interview by David Coulthard and Adrain Newey (flagged up by Fernando Alonso as probably the most important man in F1).

GoMobile News was also caught out by the one ‘live tile’ which we installed. Such a tile is supposed to show you active content. Originally it looked just like a black space with the words motor sport written on it.

But then it suddenly flipped to a ‘live’ link to the latest motor sports news.

Here at we’ve put a bid in to see heat exactly this app looks like on a Nokia Asha.

Incidentally, it appears some analysts are re-classifying Nokia S40 as a ‘smartphone’ environment. That should take Nokia back up the league in terms of smartphone sales, then.

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