Bill & Steve could star in the same Apple movie

Rating: Microsoft did help to bail Jobs out back in 1997

GoMobile News normally steers well clear of Showbiz gossip but couldn’t help but notice a stry on BBC News entitled ‘Aaron Sorkin reveals Steve Jobs film plot‘. Apple fanboys will be overjoyed to hear that according to the Beeb, there could be at least two films made about Steve Job’s life with Apple. Naturally, the Beeb is tipping the Sorkin version as the top runner given that as a script writer Sorkin has done so well with The Social Network which was all about Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg. What fascinates us here at GoMobile Towers is that fact that Microsoft’s Bill Gates could easily be included in a film about Jobs.Those readers with long memories might recall an incident at a launch of a bunch of Apple Macs back in 1997 when Jobs made a keynote appearance.

Bill Gates took part in the same press conference by appearing in a video link.

He announced that Microsoft was taking a financial interest in its the Silicon Valley computer manufacturer.

Today such a move would appear quite strange given that Microsoft and Apple are competing head on with their respective mobile OS offerings – Windows Phone 8 and iOS.

However, GoMobile News recalls the motivation which most observers agreed upon.

At the time, Microsoft made a nice little bit of money selling a version of its Office suite for the Macintosh OS.

If Apple had been allowed to go under, then a fairly lucrative niche market for Microsoft would have gone under and even a giant like Microsoft doesn’t like having all its eggs in one basket.

We wonder if Bill ever came to regret that decision? After all, Apple is now bigger than Microsoft.

Incidentally, the second possible Jobs film is an unauthorised movie starring Ashton Kuchter to be made by an independent studio, the Beeb says.

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