BlackBerry has a 1-2 in Malaysian F1 Grand Prix

Surely time for a celebratory handset?

if acer can do ferrari edition, mercedes from blackberry?

Good news for the struggling Canadian smartphone manufacturer, BlackBerry. The team which it sponsors – Mercedes AMG Petronas, enjoyed brilliant success in today’s [March 30th 2014] Formula One (F1) Grand Prix motor race. The drivers – Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, came home in the No.1 & N.2 slots. A dramatic victory for the team. Better still, the race took place in Malaysia – which is right next door to key Asia Pacific market – Indonesia. GoMo News reckons this achievement merits a special commemorative handset.

BlackBerry has already tried to leverage its sponsorship of the F1 racing team by featuring Nico Rosberg as the initial celebrity controversially picked to highlight the BBM Channels facility.

So, here at GoMo Towers we think that BlackBerry ought to jump straight onto the bandwagon and come out with a special edition handset.

Just as Vodafone used to do when it was sponsoring Ferrari.

It’s a pity that the much rumoured Jakarta handset which is aimed at the Indonesian market and said to be the forthcoming BlackBerry Z3, wasn’t out in time for this race.

In a separate development, F1 race winning British driver – Lewis Hamilton, dedicated his victory to those onboard the missing MH370 Malaysian Airlines flight.

The authorities have still had no luck trying to locate where the aircraft eventually crashed or landed.

GoMo News would dearly love to know in which country the handsets belonging to missing passengers on flight MH370 were supposed located four days after the flight went missing.

Surely the 19 Chinese families involved could be informed that the handsets weren’t on the flight as they beleived?

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