BlackBerry owners more likely to buy stuff than Android ones

Rating: Naturally Tradedoubler report finds iPhones are prolific spenders

The landscape for mobile purchasing is complex according to a recent report from Tradedoubler entitled Mobile Devices & Behaviour. The company is urging brands to carefully target their offerings if they want to cover all the bases. An interesting finding, however, is that BlackBerry owners are more active purchasers than Android fans so they shouldn’t be left out of the equation. Significantly, Android users are more likely to surf for what they want rather than download an app. Hence the importance of having a mobile friendly version of your web site.The figures for iPhone users are, indeed, truly impressive. 70 per cent of iPhone owners use apps daily and 28 per cent search for vouchers and coupons at least once a week.

Plus 25 per cent of them search for vouchers in-store and 22 per cent receive location-based special offers.

Furthermore, 21 per cent have price comparison apps and 23 per cent have daily deals installed on their iPhones, whilst 20 per cent use their phone as a loyalty card

iPhone owners are the most engaged users, and are most likely to access the mobile web daily (80 per cent); research products weekly (46 per cent); and make purchases weekly or more often (20 per cent).

Next up are BlackBerry owners who regularly research products (31 per cent at least weekly); hunt down coupons’ and purchase weekly or more often using their handsets (13 per cent).

By contrast, only 10 per cent of Android owners purchase weekly. But brands can only ignore Android users at their peril.

According to Dan Cohen, market unit leader with Tradedoubler, “Many Android owners are experiencing a smartphone for the first time.”

“However, given the platform’s growing share, it will become increasingly important to engage Android owners effectively.”

The mix is made even complex by the behaviour of tablet – rather than smartphone users.

Tablet owners are more likely to convert research on their device into a purchase, with 35 per cent saying it is a preferred means of purchasing products.

Additionally, they are significantly more likely to buy higher ticket items, with nearly one in five (18 per cent) having spent more than £500 in one transaction.

So if Android users aren’t downloading apps, what do retailers do?

The answer, apparently is that a place on price comparison sites – offering strong integration with barcode apps – becomes essential for influencing purchase decisions for Android users.

So in effect, as Cohen says, there are two options when it comes to developing a mobile strategy for performance marketing.

Firstly, target solutions at the groups who are most engaged with shopping on their devices.

Or, secondly, develop a strategy that can work across devices and channels by side-stepping the limitations and frustrations of certain platforms.

In the run-up to Xmas those brands that get it right will score. According to a recent survey from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) , 61 per cent of marketers plan to increase investment in affiliate marketing next year.

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3 Responses to BlackBerry owners more likely to buy stuff than Android ones

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  2. Thomas kramer says:

    I’m an iPhone user, just until this Xmas. I am sick of tired of using my iPhone for Instagram, Facebook, words with friends and whatever else it is. The iPhone made my life a complete waste of time between social media and video games. While with my BlackBerry it was just typing as fast as I could emails, BBMs and so forth. Now all I need is to find good apps for work only! I found a bunch here Do you guys know links like that for more work only apps?

  3. admin says:

    Watch this space.

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