BlackBerry still hasn’t learnt how to work with Press

This time it has upset the Sunday Times

$55m golden goodbye - heins

Here at GoMo Towers we’ve long known that the upper echelons of BlackBerry (or RIM as it used to be known) have major problems working with the Press. Instead of exploiting a situation for their advantage – and probably selling a few more handsets in the process, they almost always throw the opportunity away. The worse case of mishandling the Press that GoMo News can remember was when the London riots occurred and it became clear that BBM had been the rioters favourite tool. In that instance the company managed to upset the Dail Mail. (See our previous story RIM mismanages BlackBerry’s image over UK riots.) This time it has been the Sunday Times‘ turn.

Writing in ‘Agenda’, the company’s business editor Dominic O’Connell revealed … “We wrote about BlackBerry planning to put itself up for sale in June last year [2012] and again in January [2013].”

“BlackBerry rubbished us , with a company source telling Canadian papers it was “a silly fantasy.”

“Last week BlackBerry announced it would put itself up for sale.”

Cuttingly, O’Connell added,” We [at the Sunday Times] will try to bring you much more silly fantasy in the future.”

The newspaper then went on to reveal who the biggest beneficiary of this silly fantasy is likely to be … BlackBerry’s own CEO, Thorsten Heins.

If BlackBerry is taken over and Heins is asked to leave he will receive around £36 million ($55.6 million).

Strange how a provision for “a silly fantasy” is actually part of the CEO’s contract, then.

If we were Prem Watsa, the Warren Buffet of the North, we’d be pushing for the company to hire PR experst who know how to handle the media properly.

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