BlackBerry Z3 ships in Indonesia on May 15th

No pics of the limited Jakarta version yet?

pic courtesy of UTB blogs

So the the Blackberry Z3 will finally ship in Indonesia tomorrow [May 15th 2013] and the Jakarta version will only be available in that country for the meantime. Strangely, although there’s supposed to be a limited edition of the smartphone with Jakarta emblazoned on its back, GoMo News can’t find a pic of it. However, UTB blogs here boasts a pic of a BlackBerry with John Chen’s signature on the back. Perhaps that’s it? Anyway, according to┬áVasileios Tziokas, marketing manager with Upstream, the Z3 is not an innovative handset but reveals a lot about BlackBerry’s approach to emerging markets.

Tziokas observes, “In two short years BlackBerry has seen its sales in Indonesia drop by 500,000 handsets a year and has released the Z3 Jakarta edition to stem the loss.”

He adds, “The phone shows that BlackBerry is attempting to use the knowledge it has gleaned from its time in Indonesia to give customers what they want in a smartphone.”

Chiefly by developing BBM ‘stickers’ that feature local characters, The Punakawan, by Indonesian illustrator Susilo Saptoady – along with the capability to type in Indonesian Bahasa.

“BlackBerry is hoping that by making the handset relevant to its users through the user experience and the UI, it will bring sales in a territory which was once known as ‘Blackberry Nation’ out of their current decline,” Tziokas continued.

“Blackberry would also be wise to team up with a local mobile operator, as the trusted relationship with and knowledge of the customer base will enable Blackberry to produce content that is culturally relevant for the Z3 in addition to the localised hardware.”

In terms of local MNOs, BlackBerry already seems to have deals in place with Teletama Artha Mandiri (TAM) and Mitra Telekomunikasi Selular (MTS) for the Z3.

Read the full Press release here.

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