Bluetooth blues – Nexus 4 users just turn off Wi-fi

Hardware clinic – reader finally finds the answer

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It seems that those with Google’s Nexus 4 Android handset have been beset with problems with Bluetooth operation. Especially when trying to use a headset/handsfree device with the smartphone. Google has obviously been aware of the problem for some time because there’s a even a special page on Facebook created for Nexus 4 owners suffering from Bluetooth troubles. You can find it here. That page offers some fairly dramatic action – because you have to perform a factory reset. The answer, however, is to turn off Wi-fi.

Our thanks to GoMo News reader, Roger Newman, who wrote in with the solution having battled with it for months.

Roger works for Apex Cars near GoMo Towers here in Ewell, Surrey [UK]. And as such he needs Bluetooth to be working in his taxi cab.

He’d trawled the Net and spotted rumours that the cause might be down to the Wi-fi and Bluetooth module which the Nexus 4 boasts but isn’t a very common component.

We discovered a referfence to this chip on and found that it appears to be a Murata SS2908001 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi‐Fi and Bluetooth module.

Roger reasoned – correctly as it turned out, that if this chip was trying to offer Bluetooth and Wi-fi connectivity simultaneously, there was some kind of clash.

So whenever he needs to utilise Bluetooth in his car, he makes sure that Wi-fi is sturned off before activating the Bluetooth facility.

And Roger reports that everything seems to be working spiffingly now! Thanks Roger for this hot tip.

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