Blyk rocks 4 million subscribers

Blyk has seen its audience base increase from 1 million to 4 million in 2011


The audience growth is proof of the Blyk media concept, which can be explained in multiple ways:

1. Reduction of churn
Blyk Media is reducing churn of the operator customer base. In India, we have seen a 48 % churn reduction with the “Blyk on Aircel”, whilst at the same time increasing ARPU by 14 %.

2. Improving operator brand perception
Blyk Media is improving the operator brand perception. Orange UK has seen a 35 % improvement in its brand perception with customers receiving Blyk Media.

3. Expanding customer base
With all operator partners more customers are invited to join the Blyk Media service. Orange has the service now running on the very successful “Bright Stuff” proposition, and Aircel in India has broadened the “Blyk on Aircel” service also to their pocket internet users. Finally, in November 2011, T-Mobile UK launched “You Choose” using the Blyk Media service.

From the press release:

Eric Kip, CEO of Blyk comments: “This all proves that Blyk is on the right track. The advertising community gets a very high return on their communication investments, because the Blyk audience is highly engaged. Engagement can be measured in various ways, but a key benchmark for Blyk advertising is the response rate. We consistently see a very high response rate from our profiled subscribers, varying between 20 and 65 %. Despite the economic challenges, we expect 2012 to build on the success of 2011”.

What we think?
Now, this is interesting. My first thought was, is 4 million a lot? Only because penetration is over 100% nearly everywhere and you would think that consumers would sign up to free things more often.
But then I remembered that targeting is vital for any service such as this and so it doesn’t really matter how many subscribers you have it is what they do or how they interact with the ad. Brand awareness is also key….

So, we here at GoMo are confused as to whether blow Blyk’s trumpet or to compare this success to other mobile marketing campaigns such as the Lumata Orange Wednesday campaign which has also seen amazing global growth.

In any case, adoption and uptake of mobile advertising services – is the most important thing… so we are happy!

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