Boeing planning to use dual SIM phone for secure comms

A challenge to BlackBerry’s grip on the sector

not exactly a secret any more is it?

Here at GoMo News we’re not quite sure why an aircraft manufacturer, Boeing, is indulging in specifying its own design for an Android smartphone that supports secure communications, but as usual this a website filing gave the game away. We’re pretty sure that here was the first to spot this leak for a handset which seems to be called the Boeing Black (H8V-BLK1). Significantly for GoMo, this handset represents a new twist on the use of dual-SIM technology.

We suspect that one micro SIM will support encrypted, secure communications whilst the other will be just an ordinary mobile SIM.

The first thing which struck GoMo News about this story, is that it indicates that at least one big US governmental contractor thinks that BlackBerry’s grip on secure communications is significantly loosening.

Presumably, the reason for opting for dual SIM operation is so that the handset will appear to ordinary folk to be just like any other cellular phone but have a second hidden network connexion.

The fact that pics of the Boeing Black have already appeared on the web mean, that the chances of it not be recognised as a spy’s mobile have been greatly diminished.

A great deal of play has been made about the Black’s supposed ‘self-destruct’ capability.

Regular folk (or at least those of us old enough to remember the original Mission Impossible) would have visions of the handset going up in smoke after Mr Phelps has stopped talking on it.

In fact, it is opening up the handset which will cause the handset to wipe its software/firmware so that hackers won’t be able to crack how the secure communications work.

It is interesting to note that the Black appears to be a GSM style handset rather than a cdmaOne device which would be a requisite for a handset to work on Verizon, for example.

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