Brainstorm signs up Telefónica for LBS deal

Platform provides the glue for joining MNOs digital resources together

the juice & glue - stuart

In a major endorsement of its platform as a mobile engagement tool, Brainstorm has just signed a major deal with leading MNO [Mobile Network Operator], Telefónica. The terms of the three year contract were not revealed and it was described as facilitating Telefónica’s mobile marketing and advertising strategy. The deal covers both Europe and Latin America [LATAM] for global and local brands. However, in a cozy chat with Brainstorm’s CEO, GoMo News has learnt that location based services (LBS) will be an essential element in rolled out campaigns.

Although it is now an unfashionable term, Brainstorm’s platform is, in essence, middleware for the diverse digital resources that all MNOs possess.

Stuart described it as “the juice and the glue” which combine all the various elements that MNOs possess and harnesses them for marketing and advertising purposes.

Asked what Brainstorm’s USP [Unique Selling Point] is, Stuart claimed that the Brainstorm platform is truly multi-channel.

So in terms of outputs, the platform can utilise all the channels at the MNOs’ disposal such as SMS, MMS, plus push-notifications and even in-app notifications.

Then in terms of inputs, the platform can handle beacons, GPS, Wi-fi and network location, for example.

The art lies, Stuart argues, in how you combine these elements and the speed and ease with which you can do so using the Brainstorm platform.

He outlined a campaign which had recently been run in Brazil by Telefónica for the soccer World Cup where one of the football stadiums had been geo-fenced.

Those inside received instructions on how they could get themselves photographed by one of the cameras trained on the crowd within the stadium.

“A campaign like this has to be multi-channel because you can’t expect everyone to have Wi-fi or GPS [or even Bluetooth] turned on in order to determine their location,” Stuart explained.

“That’s why we can handle network location, too.”

When GoMo News asked Stuart if his technology was behind O2′s Priority Moments (given that it uses location and O2 is owned by Telefónica) he was evasive.

The answer is basically “Yes and No”. However, he was able to confirm that brainstorm works with the UK’s Weve.

Naturally, Stuart is forecasting strong growth for the Brainstorm platform and GoMo News agrees.

It’s technology like this which enables MNOs to offer services against which the OTT players simply cannot compete.

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2 Responses to Brainstorm signs up Telefónica for LBS deal

  1. Ion says:

    So was the LBS network platform used in the end for location or was location only based on GPS , Wi-fi and Bluetooth in the Brazil experience ?

  2. admin says:

    We’ll ask them for you.

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