Brand loyalty flagging amongst iPhone & Galaxy owners

But does this provide opportunity for other handset vendors?

Well, GoMo News has just some very intriguing stats produced by  Qriously which queried the sentiments of UK iPhone and Samsung users towards to their existing brands. Surprisingly the research found that the majority of both Samsung and iPhone users across the UK are unlikely to upgrade to their existing brand’s next or existing flagship device. Despite this however, Samsung and iPhone users alike are very unlikely to directly switch over to their major brand rival. So what’s not clear is whether this provide an opportunity for other handset vendors such as Huawei which recently announced the Ascend P7.

When  asked if likely they were plotting to upgrade to an iPhone 6 (if an when it gets released) when their contract ran out, the majority (36.7 per cent) of Brit respondents said they wouldn’t upgarde.

That compares to 32.82 per cent who are still fanbois and said they would go for the iPhone 6 ,while  30.48 per cent are currently still sitting on the fence (undecided).

It appears that Apple fanbois are only slightly more  loyal than Samsung fanbois.  32.42 per cent of Samsung owners said they were likely to upgrade to the S5 when their contract expires.

That compares to 39.26 per cent who won’t be upgrading and 28.32 per cent saying they were currently undecided.

Significantly, Samsung owners have no intention of switching to Apple with 50.37 per cent of fanbois said they would not consider the iPhone 6,

However, only 41.66 per cent of Apple fanbois said they were not likely to upgrade to a S5.

GoMo News thinks that the problem here lies is that despite their best efforts, the likes of Sony, HTC and Motorola just haven’t come up with a model sexy enough to lure faltering Samsung and Apple fanbois away.

That might change and only time can tell. But the odds on Nokia stealing such owners back do seem very remote.

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