Brazilians spend longer mobile banking than Indians or South Africans

Surprise findings in NetBiscuits’ People’s Web report are huge differences in the behaviour of mobile phone users between those in emerging countries where a mobile phone is a tool and in developed nations where it is more of an information device. That’s according to the NetBiscuits’ People’s Web report. Somewhat surprisingly, Brazilians spend longer mobile banking than Indians or South Africans. Here at GoMo News were thought that Africans were the biggest users of mobile banking. Conversely, South Africans are the least aware of new technologies whereas the Chinese is the most aware. We weren’t surprised, however, to discover that the USA is the country most fixated with faster mobile download speeds.

Another major division is that security was found to be more of a concern for developed markets such as the UK, Australia and Germany, whereas emerging markets were more interested in personalised experiences.

In China, 49 per cent of consumers spend at least 30 minutes a day shopping on their smartphones.

In the UK, however, consumers are far more likely to prefer shopping on their tablets, with 37 per cent stating that they do this every day.

Mobile websites are preferred to native applications in all ten countries when browsing for information.

Respondents in all countries preferred having the option of a mobile website for banking, social media, music, entertainment, news and search, with the minority saying that apps were sufficient.

In the USA, faster downloads (59 per cent of respondents), an experience closer to the PC web (39 per cent) and ease of use (36 per cent) headed up the items that would improve user mobile web experiences.

“This trend of using mobile as primary or exclusive access device appears to be increasing all over the world,” concluded Paul Berney, CMO and md for EMEA with the Mobile Marketing Association.

“Even in the UK, mobile browsing is growing at a much faster rate than fixed-line access,” he added.

“In emerging markets it is particularly prevalent due to the lack of fixed-line alternatives. In fact, in many of these markets, users are bypassing fixed-line internet access altogether and moving straight to mobile.”

The latest data from the Netbiscuits People’s Web report can be downloaded from here.

Below, Dan Weisbeck, CMO with Netbiscuits on pulling back the curtain on what customers want from the mobile web.

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