Brits angered by loss of indie Lovefilm Windows Phone app

Strangely co-incides with WP8 handset bug

Furious Brit users of the Lovefilm service are threatening to cease using it after their favourite app stopped working at the end of last month [February 25th 2014]. The problem stems from the fact that US giant, Amazon, recently acquired the British based service. The company has subsequently moved to integrate the Lovefilm service with its existing systems. The real problem, of course, is that the app in question – which works on Windows Phone 7-8 (WP8) handsets, was not officially sanctioned. Co-incidentally, one of our informants tells us his WP8 based Nokia Lumia smartphone appears to have developed a version of the insufficient storage available error which afflicts entry level Android phones.

One irate GoMo News reader told us, “All of a sudden the system [Lovefilm] stopped working and told us to log onto Amazon. I just won’t have a behemoth like Amazon on my smartphone.”

The app in question – My LoveFilm Mobile has been developed by MadebyWill.

That link currently takes you to the developer’s [Will Benjamin-James/William Bartlett] Facebook page.

You cans till download the My LoveFilM Mobile app from the Windows Phone Market place for free here.

However, as Will says the app doesn’t provide the functionality users want any more and LoveFilm/Amazon won’t talk to him.

Incidentally, those considering abandoning LoveFilm might want to read Madeby Will’s own assessment of the four leading streaming services available to Brits.

The list includes LoveFilm (naturally), Netflix,iTunes and Zune. Find it here.

Simultaneously, a GoMo News reader complained to us about what appears to be the Windows Phone equivalent of the insufficient storage available bug that afflicts some entry level Android handsets.

He was attempting to download the Microsoft game Six Guns (which is free) from the WP marketplace here.

However, the game appears to be enormous and consumed all of the available free storage space on the Nokia Lumia 820′s internal memory.

Worse still. He can’t uninstall the failed download and Windows Phone actually indicates that two uninstalled apps are still consuming storage space.

Does anyone know how to get out of this conundrum?

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  1. Amazon have spoiled a wonderful service. Already there is deterioration in the packaging and the site is now full of unwanted and unsolicited advertisements.

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