Bulmers needs QR code campaign checking

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It’s always good to see leading brands utilising QR/2D barcodes to enhance their marketing campaigns but in Bulmers’ case, somebody really should have checked that the QR code works properly. GoMo News pointed two separate Android handsets at the QR code built into an advert placed in the local public house. We were using NeoMedia‘s NeoReader app to scan in the QR code. In both cases, the browser reported that the URL could not be found. It was a simple error. The standard Android browser seems to need the extra forward slash ‘ / ‘ to correctly resolve the URL built into the QR code. We discovered this by typing the URL into a PC Firefox browser. But somebody should have checked this. We’re delighted to discover, however, that Bulmers has an Android app as well as an iPhone one.This is the page which the printed advert is trying to point pub drinkers towards – http://www.bulmers.co.uk/votelocal/. Bulmers told GoMo News that the problem has now been resolved.

Except, of course, the page is now out of date and needs to be able to point smartphone users towards the Bulmers app appropriate for their handset.

The iphone app can be found here and the Android one can be found here.

The app is designed to help promote Bulmer’s no 17 cider as a summer drink. There’s also a Cider Garden Finder to enable smartphone owners find the nearest cider dispensing establishment.

In our case the information proved to be highly accurate as the app pointed out that the Wheatsheaf pub in Ewell was nearest – only six metres away. It’s, um, next door to GoMo News‘ Surrey HQ.

Anyway, if you want any more information on what Bulmers UK are up to their Facebook page here is an extremely good source of information.

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6 Responses to Bulmers needs QR code campaign checking

  1. Nick Martin says:

    2D barcodes offer some really compelling opportunities for brands. Unfortunately, the fragmented nature of the QR code space makes it difficult for a brand to know exactly what services and what quality they are getting when executing. Microsoft Tag has built an end-to-end solution that focuses on reporting and capabilities to enhance targeting and content refinement.

    There are some resources for best practices and some fun ways to implement 2D codes here if you’re interested: http://tag.microsoft.com/resources/resources-home.aspx

    Nick Martin
    Online Community Manager
    Microsoft Tag

  2. Tony Dennis says:

    I’m not sure I’d necessarily agree that Tags are better than QR codes. See my follow-up story here

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  4. jj says:

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