BYOD application spotted @ pre-MWC gig

Rating: IT and cellular worlds collide again

And so to London’s Westminister for a pre-Mobile World Congress (MWC) event hosted by the UK’s Deptmant of Trade & Investment called the Smart UK Project. It’s intended as a showcase of the newest tech which good old Blighty will be offering to the mobile & cellular world @ Barcelona [2013]. The event did provide a good taste of current trends which are useful – like smartphone compatible stereo speakers, but which leave GoMobile News cold (sorry, Damson Audio). What rocked our boat was the collision between IT and mobile which BlackBelt smartphone defence represents. Its tech has massive implications for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

The scenario which GoMobile News sees being played out right now is amongst corporates and large organisations where both employees and IT departments want users to ditch their existing smarphones for a new BlackBerry 10 device.

The nightmare is what to do about all the sensitive data – both personal and corporate, which is held on existing handsets.

In a eco-friendly society, where do we ship our old phones? To countries renowned for fraud in Africa and Asia is the answer.

What BlackBelt’s technology can do is efficiently wipe all the data from such phones without having to send them to the crusher and in a secure way.

BlackBelt’s head honcho, Ken Garner, explained how his company is helping in very specialist areas – with handsets where data is held on a seperate VMWare segment of a smartphones memory, for example.

It’s not just corporate data that’s sensitive. Imagine a female employee who returns her smartphone and personal data isn’t properly removed.

She could potentially lose her life partner and her job thanks to material which another employee is able to see.

Which is why efficient wiping of data held on smartphones – especially those without rfemoveable media – is an absolute must.

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