BYOD will continue into 2013 says SpamTitan

Rating: Social media is the most dangerous for phishing attacks

As we approach the New Year, Infosecurity Europe has been sending us the views from exhibitors on what they expect to see in 2013. We picked one of the most relevant to the mobile sector from Ronan Kavanagh, CEO of SpamTitan he predicts that social media risk and subsequent web and network security issues will continue to be a serious concern for businesses in 2013. Perhaps most controversially, Kavanagh expects the ) trend towards ‘Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) will continue into 2013.He also forecasts that Social media will be the platform of choice for phishing attacks in 2013.
Here at SpamTitan, we predict a greater adoption of web protection products in the SMB sector, Kavanagh writes.

The BYOD trend will continue to grow as similar consumer-driven IT initiatives become more widely accepted.

The dilemma facing businesses as to how best support these devices will persist in 2013, the main issue being costs and security.

We predict that many CTOs having reviewed their organisations experience with BYOD will decide that it’s not worth the pain and will look to enterprise and cloud based tools as a better alternative.

We will continue to see severe shortcomings in corporate security policies in relation to supporting devices.

Regardless of who owns the device, employees must abide by corporate security policies if they are using the device for business.

However, this requires a policy to be in place which will be a priority for many organisations in 2013. CTOs and IT departments have a lot to consider.

In terms of social media, in 2012 both Twitter and Facebook have been the most successfully used channels to spread phishing attacks.

This shift to on-line phishing is a natural response to the growth in the user communities of the main social networking sites.

Attacks via social media can be deployed speedily and cost the cybercriminal little in terms of outlay hence their attractiveness.

Organisations need to implement suitable technology controls as well as ensuring employees are awareness of the dangers successful phishing attacks present.

Spam is still a problem, however we have seen significant changes over the past two to three years with spam email volumes falling over that period.

Spam now accounts for about 70 per cent of global email volume, down from approximately 90 per cent.

Infosecurity Europe runs from the 23rd – 25th April 2013 in Earls Court, London, England.

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