Candy Crush’s King is more than 1 hit wonder

IPO is apparently on hold, though

It’s been downloaded directly onto mobile phones over 500 million times (as of December 2014). Yes, we are talking about the game Candy Crush Saga which has been created by a British firm – King. Now back in September [2013], it secretly filed its pre-IPO documents but the Daily Telegraph here has reported that the company has backed off form a potential NASDAQ IPO. The blame for this is laid at the doors of Zynga which IPO’d in 2011 but has gone pear shaped since. GoMo News isn’t quite sure we’re comparing like with like.

Now Zynga’s Farmville is a Facebook game. And – as we know full well here at GoMo Towers, you can link the mobile game to your Facebook account. Much better than playing it directly on Facebook.

Although it is entirely feasible to play Candy Crush on a smartphone – anyone with any sense plays it on a tablet or laptop/notebook PC.

As GoMo News readers will know, it’s tablet device users that are the most prolific users of m-commerce. They buy stuff.

So advertising against Candy Crush should get much better results than advertising purely on Facebook thanks to tablet users.

There’s also a suggestion that King is a one-hit wonder. Well actually, it’s not. It already has Pet Rescue and Farm Heroes.

As any Candy Crush addict can tell you, if you get stuck on Candy Crush you usually play one of those two others.

Indeed, GoMo News actually spotted a UK TV advert which King put out which is promoting Farm Heroes. So King is already tackling this perceived problem.

“Hot yesterday, untouchable today. That is the case with online games currently and for the foreseeable future. King’s IPO plan is a victim of that,” Sam Hamadeh, founder of PrivCo, the US analysis firm told the Daily Telegraph.

any excuse ... gaye advert

Hmm. Now the Adverts who sung ‘One Chord Wonders’ were probably one hit wonders. Who’s heard of the their follow up ‘Gary Gilmore’s Eyes’?

But the Sex Pistols enjoyed success because they were more than merely a punk band.

Is the reference to Gary Gilmore a tad too obscure for our US readers, we wonder?

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