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TV chips answer to 3g data congestion says Telegent

Rating: Free-to-air TV and satellite inside your phone

Following up on the news that Swisscom has quietly dropped its DVB-H based service, specialist chip provider, Telegent Systems, tells us that the way forward is free-to-air TV services. What you want inside a mobile phone, the company argues, is a chip that provides access to terrestrial TV and even free satellite stations, Telegent reckons. Continue reading

The Mobile Renaissance Guide – a hidden goldmine of mobile stats

Rating: Shouldn’t they have said the .pdf is free?
Somewhat buried by the flurry of announcments at MWC, Barcelona was the launch of the Netsize Guide 2010 – aka ‘Mobile Renaissance’ and its companion web site, The guide represents the combined opinions of over 1,000 mobile professionals.
When you look at which companies Netsize approached it’s [...]

Mobile applications gearing up for the iPad

apple-tablet-flurry-ipadOne of the pieces of news that was welcomed by consumers and developers alike was that the Apple iPad would run iPhone applications. But app developers have spoken before about how tricky it can be to make sure that your app is optimised to run on a new device. As a result, more than one service for app developers has been making noise about how it will work perfectly on the iPad. Today, we have an announcement from mobile analytics firm, Continue reading

Ground Truth claims to get most accurate mobile web metrics from the best source: the operators

ground-truth-mobile-internet-analyticsA new analytics company for mobile internet usage has launched today – Ground Truth. The service claims it is introducing intelligence to the field of mobile metrics, and that its patent-pending methodology (called True View) is the most precise metrics tool currently available for mobile internet. Furthermore, Ground Truth says it has revealed some shocking truths about mobile internet use… that will shock you. Let’s have a look! Continue reading

Are mobile voice and SMS becoming redundant? UK users waste 45% of their plans

Money Supermarket is an on-line price comparison hub – the site compares products and services across a huge number of areas like travel, energy, home and car insurance… and mobile. It has just released its fourth Mobile Money report, and has found that on average British users waste almost half of their mobile plan [...]

Mobile advertiser Smaato releases its first metrics report

rhs_jagged-arrow-up Smaato is a mobile advertising network that optimises ads for a wide variety of networks, mobile devices and device OSs. That gives it the opportunity to gather a lot of data – and today, for the first tie, it has released a metrics report from that data. Let’s have a look! Continue reading

What GoMo News wants for Xmas

Rating: Lots and lots of good stories and leaks
GoMo News has been looking back at the big stories we ran in 2009 and wishes that 2010 will bring far more of them. Hence this particular GoMo hack has decided to create a Xmas wish list in the hope that Santa might come down the chimney [...]

Strand blames USA and Press for smartphone distortion

Rating: Other 2010 predictions include nice Nokia UI
Ever since Strand Consult accused iPhone users of being deluded (see GoMo News passim), GoMo has been impressed by the analyst firm’s bravery. Now it is accusing the USA and journalists of distorting views on the smartphone market. And predicts a nice UI from Nokia.
Thumbing through [...]

Smartphone market will grow says Pyramid

Rating: RIM and Apple biggest threat to Symbian. Or Linux, maybe
Some pretty safe predictions Pyramid Research on the future state of the smartphone market. China is expected to overtake the USA as the largest market for smartphones. Emerging markets will be important. Smartphones will take an increasing share of the overall handset market. No surprises [...]

comScore buys into Latin American mobile and on-line metrics

comscoreDigital metrics giant comScore has announced it is buying out a measurement company in Latin America. Certifica has a presence throughout Latin America, and provides metrics from both mobile and on-line internet connections. Continue reading

Open vs Closed

I have said, time and time again that “openness” or the concept of being open is based on stupidity and is in fact a waste of time. Continue reading

Tapjoy deal with Pinch Media: free mobile advertising service for iPhone apps now offers analytics

tapjoyWe got some news in today from Tapjoy, which provides free ad optimisation for iPhone apps. The company has released a new version of it’s open SDK, and is now offering a full app analytics service from Pinch Media. Both companies will be offering their app tools from a unified dashboard for developers.
Continue reading

GoMo Buzzwatch: the mobile Internet is a horrible experience for users

nng-logoThe Nielsen Norman Group (NNG) did an extremely simple and effective piece of research into how useable the mobile Web is. It simply asked mobile phone owners to complete basic tasks using their own devices. And the results it has released point to one conclusion: using the mobile Web is slow, difficult and annoying. Continue reading

Young women discarding PCs in favor mobile phones for internet

srg_logoThe Solutions Research Group has released details from a huge study on Women and Digital Life. An interesting thing came up concerning internet access. It found that mobile phones are quickly replacing computers for internet access among women from 12 to 24. Continue reading

Microsoft Silverlight vs Google Wave -its all about good Karma says Sridhar Vembu CEO Zohu

I usually never publish commentary sent to me on hot topics on the web – but I have to say I liked this article. I am a huge fan of Silverlight and I am excited about Bing. In-fact, I am a huge Microsoft Fan and in a competition Microsoft vs Google -my money would be [...]